7th International Conference on Molecular Perspectives on Protein-Protein Interactions


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39 Protein supersaturation powers innate immunity and programmed cell death
Alejandro Rodriguez Gama1, Tayla Miller1, and Randal Halfmann1,2
40 Evolution of networks in ancestral caspases that affect stability and allosteric regulation
Clay Clark, Mithun Nag, Isha Joglekar, Melissa Fee, and David Diaz
41 Molecular studies on Escherichia coli single-stranded DNA-binding protein (SSB)-associated complexes involved in bacterial survival
Meng-Hsuan Chen1, Shou-Yi Sheng1, Ching-Hao Teng2, and Shu-Ying Wang1
42 Structural insight into the synergistic activities of NADase and SLO in the pathogenesis of Group A Streptococcus infection
Shu-Ying Wang1, Wei-Jiun Tsai2, Michal Hammel3, and U-Ser Jeng4
Dan Li
44 Biophysical study of the KlebC-TonB interaction
Qiaoyu Tian, Melissa Webby, Nicholson Housden, and Colin Kleanthous
45 A comprehensive platform of highly-selective frizzled agonists
Levi L Blazer, Jarrett J Adams, and Sachdev S Sidhu
46 Mapping binding landscapes of Ras/effector interactions.
Atílio Tomazini Júnior and Julia M. Shifman
47 Structural basis for the specific interaction between scaffold protein PDZK1 and ion transporter URAT1
Evgeny V. Mymrikov1,2, Christophe Wirth1, Jonas Immanuel Heinicke1, Julian Goll1, Christoph Steck1, Julia Schimpf3, Anna Köttgen2,4, Thorsten Hugel2,3, and Carola Hunte1,2
48 Target-myristoyl switch and conformational regulation of calcineurin B homologous protein 3
Florian Becker1,2, Simon Fuchs1, Lukas Refisch3,4, Friedel Drepper5, Wolfgang Bildl6, Uwe Schulte6,7,9, Shuo Liang1, Jonas Immanuel Heinicke1, Sierra C. Hansen 1, Clemens Kreutz3,7, Bettina Warscheid5,7,8, Bernd Fakler6,7,9, Evegeny V. Mymrikov1,7, and Carola Hunte1,7,9
49 Cross-reactivity-aware T cell receptor-peptide specificity prediction enabled by positional scanning libraries
Chad A Brambley, George I Gray, and Brian M Baker
50 Protein conformations and allosteric effects of the human mu-opioid receptor that lead to different activity profiles
David A Cooper and David D. L. Minh
51 Conformations and Local Dynamics of the CopY Metal Sensor Revealed by EPR Spectroscopy
Melanie Hirsch, Lukas Hofmann, Yulia Shenberger, Lada Gevorkyan-Airapetov, and Sharon Ruthstein
52 Investigating the structure and dynamics of interleukin-2 towards novel Treg-biasing immunotherapy design
Claire H Woodward1,2, Shahlo Solieva1, Jinfa Ying3, Daniel Hwang2, Michael Young2, Adriaan Bax3, Gregory Bowman1, Viviane S. De Paula2, and Nikolaos Sgourakis1,2
53 Local dynamics and structural characterization of the CsoR repressor in its DNA bound and unbound states: an EPR study.
Yasmin Igbaria Jaber
54 Following conformational changes in the intrinsically disorder extracellular domain of the full human copper transporter, hCtr1, as a function of Cu(I) binding.
Shahaf Peleg
55 Formation of purinosome in Mycobacterium smegmatis
Matteo Dedola, Zdeněk Knejzlík, and Iva Pichová
56 Structural insights into the epigenetic regulation of transcription factor Nkx6.1 by chromatin remodeling subunit BAF155 under normal and pathological conditions
Lisa-Maria Weinhold1,2, Vanda Lux1, Magdalena Havlová1, and Václav Veverka1,2
57 The Mechanism and Implications of Peptide Register Shifts in T Cell Recognition
Tatiana Rosales
58 PPIformer: Designing protein-protein interactions via 3D equivariant self-supervised learning
Anton Bushuiev1, Petr Kouba1,2, Jiri Sedlar1, Jiri Damborsky2, Stanislav Mazurenko2, and Josef Sivic1
59 Specificity and promiscuity of JAK recruitment regulates pleiotropy of cytokine-receptor signaling
Eyal Zoler1, Thomas Meyer2, Junel Sotolongo Bellón2, Boyue Sun1, Jacob Piehler1,2, and Gideon Schreiber1
60 Dynamical allostery of multi-domain protein complexes
Josef Sulc