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Mission Statement

The mission of Aegean Conferences is to empower scientists to organize and participate in conferences that offer uniquely targeted content, foster high levels of scientific dialogue and provide a beautiful and relaxing environment for social interaction. 

Since its inception in 1999, Aegean Conferences has been providing scientists around the world with a unique platform for organizing and attending uniquely targeted and highly interactive scientific conferences. While numerous organizations sponsor and organize scientific events, Aegean Conferences stands out for the following reasons:

-- Scientist-directed content. Because Aegean Conferences is directed and managed by the scientific community, all meetings and topics are shaped by specialists in the respective fields themselves. As a result, our conferences offer uniquely targeted and highly relevant content.

-- Dialogues instead of monologues. In lieu of the traditional “lecture” format, Aegean Conferences embraces the Socratic method as a means of exchanging scientific information and stimulating critical thinking and analysis. At these conferences, attendees do not just listen; they also engage with presenters and peers.

-- Emphasis on social interaction. By design, each meeting organized by Aegean Conferences has a comparatively small number of attendees (typically 80 to 150 scientists) who stay together for virtually every meal and activity over the five-day events. Aegean Conferences schedules formal talks only in the morning and early afternoon—leaving ample time and energy for informal yet productive interactions later in the day. This approach enables attendees to build new professional connections and collaborations and to maintain existing relationships.

-- Opportunities for student participation. Aegean Conferences maintains a formal program for Student Travel Awards to encourage presentation and participation by graduate and medical students, as well as postdoctoral and clinical fellows. In conjunction with conference organizers and sponsors, Aegean Conferences works hard to defray some of the travel costs for student scientists.

-- The rich history, culture, and cuisine of Greece. Aegean Conferences hosts all of its conferences in venues in Greece—including locations on the country’s beautiful, well-loved islands. This environment provides a rich historic and cultural backdrop for scientific inquiry and discussion, as well as a relaxing setting conducive to meaningful interactions.

-- Central location for the global scientific community. Greece remains a popular, well-priced, and convenient destination for European travelers. It also offers a central location for attendees from both North America and Asia.