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  • As part of its mission, Aegean Conferences actively supports and solicits the work of student scientists—including graduate and medical students, as well as postdoctoral and clinical fellows. Events organized through Aegean Conferences are small (typically 80 to 150 attendees), with a heavy emphasis on dialogues over monologues. This approach provides students with valuable opportunities for social interaction and networking with leading scientists from around the world.
  • Recognizing that costs can be a barrier for student presenters, Aegean Conferences and conference-specific event sponsors work hard to defray part of students’ travel expenses. Based on an established ratio of two Student Travel Awards for every five conference speakers, each Aegean Conference event offers at least eight awards. Some events are able to offer awards to as many as 15 students. Student Travel Awards range in value from €350 to €1,500.

    In conjunction with the Organizing Committee for each conference, Aegean Conferences evaluates applicants on the merits of each student’s work and how it is presented in the application.


  • CRITERIA: Applicants must be first authors in an abstract submitted to the Aegean Conferences in accordance with the rules for submitting abstracts. They must be graduate/medical students, postdoctoral fellows or clinical fellows. Abstracts will be selected for presentation in either poster or slide sessions.


  • SELECTION: Travel awardees are determined during the conference by the organizing committee and are contingent on the daily participation of the conference sessions, conference poster sessions, and all other conference related events. Awards are announced during the farewell dinner on the last night of the conference.