7th Int'l Conference on Tissue Engineering in conjunction with the 5th Int'l Conference on Regenerative Biomedical Materials


May 26 (Thursday)

7:00pm  Conference Registration

8:00pm  Welcome Reception / Dinner

May 27 (Friday)

7:30 Breakfast

Keynote Speaker

Chair: J. Temenoff


Welcome and Introduction

Johnna Temenoff


Keynote: Considerations for biomaterial scaffolds: Lessons learned from physiology and biology

Rena Bizios

Session I. Dental and Craniofacial Tissue Engineering

Chair: A. Bakopoulou


Cell therapies - clinical applications in regenerative dentistry

Athina Bakopoulou


Cell therapies for periodontal clinical applications

Danae Apatzidou


Maxillo-facial bone regeneration with stem cells and biomaterials in a comparative clinical trial

Pierre Layrolle


Dentin-pulp complex tissue engineering: a proposal for future dental clinical practice

Foteini Machla*, Viktoriya Sokolova, Varvara Platania, Oleg Prymak, Kathrin Kostka, Benedikt Kruse, Maria Chatzinikolaidou, Matthias Epple, and Athina Bakopoulou

*Young Investigator

11:15 Coffee Break

Session II. Cardiac and Vascular Tissue Engineering

Chair: T. Hookway


Biomimetic material support of pluripotent stem cell differentiation for cardiac applications

Elizabeth Lipke


Engineered models of heterotypic cardiac interactions

Tracy Hookway


Protein loaded poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles for vascular tissue engineering applications

Jordyn Wyse, Marisa Esparza, Dimitrios Miserlis, Panagiotis Koutakis, and Marissa Wechsler


Tissue engineering with soft matter

Yadong Wang

2:00pm Lunch and Informal Discussions

7:30pm Dinner and Informal Discussions

May 28 (Saturday)

7:30 Breakfast

Session III. Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering 1

Chair: J. Temenoff

8:30-9 am

Engineering biomaterials and using high-throughput approaches for optimising their interactions with cells

Rui Reis

9-9:30 am

Polymeric scaffolds under dynamic conditions promote osteogenic differentiation of pre-osteoblasts

Georgia-Ioanna  Kontogianni, Konstantinos  Loukelis, Amedeo Franco Bonatti, Carmelo  De Maria, Raasti  Naseem, Giovanni  Vozzi, Kenneth  Dalgarno, Nicholas  Dunne, Chiara  Vitale-Brovarone, and Maria  Chatzinikolaidou


Effect of biomaterial substrate on expansion and function of marrow stromal cells

Johnna Temenoff


Poly(pro-drug) biomaterials for drug delivery to the injured central nervous system

Ryan Gilbert


Restoring vocal fold biomechanics after laryngeal nerve injury through biomaterial augmentation

Solaleh Miar, Gabriela Gonzales, Ronit Malka, Joo Ong, Rena Bizios, Gregory Dion, Teja Guda


 Sustained oxygen release from hydroxyapatite coated calcium peroxide scaffold for tissue engineering

Daisuke Tomioka*^ and Michiya Matsusaki

*Young Investigator

^Student Travel Award Winnner

11:30 Coffee Break

Session  IV. Tissue Engineering Technologies – Microphysiological Models

Chair: S. Seidlits

12 - 12:30pm

A microphysiological system for modeling opioid reinforcement and withdrawal, and the negative affective component of pain of device based on 3D cultures of human iPSC-derived neurons

Stephanie Seidlits, Ze Zhong Wang, Zhan Shu, Alex Laperle, Clive Svendsen, and Nigel Maidment


3D bioprinted complex skin models to investigate in vitro human simplex virus infection and enable high-throughput therapeutic screenings

S. Tori Ellison*, Paige Derr, Kristy Derr, and Marc Ferrer

*Young Investigator

1-1:30 pm

Bioprinting-based development of salivary gland mini-organoids for high-through drug screening and therapeutic application in xerostomia patients

Ioannis Angelopoulos*, Foteini  Machla , Athina  Bakopoulou, and Dimitrios Andreadis

*Young Investigator


Engineered salivary gland tissue chips for radioprotective drug screening

Danielle Benoit

2:00pm Lunch and Informal Discussions

7:30pm Dinner and Informal Discussions

May 29 (Sunday)

7:30 Breakfast

Session V. Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering

Chair: E. Cosgriff-Hernandez


Engineered matrices to improve bone regeneration with the Masquelet Technique

Elizabeth Cosgriff-Hernandez


Piezoelectric polymers and nanocomposites in bone tissue engineering

Serena Danti, Claudio Ricci, Bahareh Azimi, and Paolo Parchi


3D-printed mini-bone-organs

Xiao-Hua Qin


Intervertebral disc degeneration: evaluation of novel therapies in relevant ex vivo and in vivo models

Catherine Le Visage


Mineralized collagen scaffold pore structure enhances immunomodulatory potential of mesenchymal stem cells

Vasiliki Kolliopoulos*^ and Brendan Harley

*Young Investigator

^Student Travel Award Winner

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30-1:30pm VI. Tissue Engineering Technologies

Chair: A. Mantalaris


Metabolism-driven stem cell bioprocessing

Athanasios Mantalaris


Development of Blood-Brain Barrier Networks with Opening Structures for Screening Assays of Receptor-Mediated Transport

Michiya Matsusaki


Skin penetrating tyrosinase conjugated CNT nanoneedle for alleviating photo-induced damage

Junghyeon Ko*, Nathaniel Hwang, Min Jeong Lee, and Seon-Yeong Kwak

*Young Investigator


Study on the structural characteristics of intestinal microbiota in patients with breast cancer in Hainan Province

Yonglan Jiang, Weihua Xu, Zhichao Ma, Chong Lin, Shengmiao Fu, and Xinping Chen

1:30pm Lunch and Informal Discussions

3:00pm City Tour

7:30pm Dinner and Informal Discussions

May 30 (Monday)

7:30 Breakfast

Session VII. Tissue Engineering Technologies  - 3D Printing and Biopatterning

Chair: A. Mikos


Bioprinting scaffold-free constructs with cell-only bioink

Eben Alsberg, Oju Jeon, Yu Bin Lee, Hyoen Jeong, Sang Jin Lee, and Derrick Wells


Injectable and 3D-printable PNiPAAm-based hydrogels for tissue engineering

Antonios Mikos, Jason Guo, Emily Jiang, Yuseon Kim, Adam Navara, and Hannah Pearce


Regulating of cell-matrix interactions at engineered biointerfaces via nanopatterning of laminin-332

Sadegh Ghorbani*, Ali  Shahrokhtash, Fiona  Watt, and Duncan Sutherland

*Young Investigator


Development of biomimetic models of intestinal tissue: guiding cellular self-organization through biofabrication techniques

Elena Martinez


Bioprinting perfused muscle for regenerative medicine and food applications

Shulamit Levenberg

11:00 Coffee Break

Session VIII. Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering 2

Chair: H. Shin


Stem cell secretome regulators for tissue vascularization and homeostasis

Hyunjoon Kong


Matrix strain and stromal support guide tissue engineering scaffold vascularization in a time dependent manner

Gennifer Chiou, Elysa Jui, Allison Rhea, Rena Bizios, Joo Ong, Christopher Rathbone, Teja Guda


Engineering multi-cellular spheroids using bioinspired materials for tissue regeneration

Heungsoo Shin


Concluding Remarks

Heungsoo Shin

1:45pm Lunch and Informal Discussions

7:30pm Dinner and Informal Discussions

May 31 (Tuesday)

7:30 Breakfast