7th Int'l Conference on Tissue Engineering in conjunction with the 5th Int'l Conference on Regenerative Biomedical Materials

  • When: 05/26/2022 - 05/31/2022

  • Where: Ioannina, Greece

  • Conference Center: Hotel Du Lac & Conference Center

  • Mandated: Proof of COVID-19 Vaccine for all participants. If your COVID-19 vaccine was more than 180 days of the conference, proof of a booster (3rd dose) will be required.

    Tissue engineering emerged from discovery research in the 1970’s and matured into preclinical development during the 1990’s with medical therapeutics reaching the clinic in the late 1990’s. Understanding the mechanisms and control processes operative in normal as well as diseased or damaged tissues continues to be a necessary prerequisite for design of novel research strategies focused on applications for either tissue repair or regeneration. In this context and to advance the science, it is essential to examine: operative mechanisms in cell and developmental biology; interactions of tissue constructs with the host; and acute/chronic as well as local/systemic sequelae of either reparative or regenerative approaches. Advances in manufacturing and scale-up techniques and assessment tools, including appropriate bench, animal model systems, and clinical outcome measures, as well as non-invasive monitoring techniques are critical for translating research to applications. Finally, clinical need, regulatory approval, and public perception are key determinants for public and market acceptance. This conference will bring together leading international scientists and other experts to address these critical areas necessary for advancing the science and moving its applications along the development path. Abstracts are invited from the international community for the sessions and topic areas identified under "Preliminary Program".

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Open for Abstract Submission until: 04/30/2022
Open for Travel Award Application until: 04/30/2022
Open for Registrations until: 05/15/2022
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