7th Int'l Conference on Tissue Engineering in conjunction with the 5th Int'l Conference on Regenerative Biomedical Materials

Explore Ioannina

Ioannina, a place of unrivaled beauty, surrounded by unspoiled nature, is the perfect meeting and conference destination.

The town is built on the Egnatia Road that spans two millennia connecting Europe to Asia. Today Egnatia is a state-of-the-art European highway and Ioannina is a proud host of modern hotels, convention centers and one of the country's most prestigious universities, the 24.000 strong and thriving academic community puts some vivid color strokes on the town canvas.

Besides its laid-back, indulging atmosphere, Ioannina is the perfect base for great outdoors in a diverse landscape of coasts, mountains, rivers, valleys and lakes -an excellent value for family vacations, congress & events and thrill-seekers.

You can combine  activities such as route round a National Park,  with culture, sightseeing, shopping and gastronomy.

Information gathered from visitgreece.gr / travelioannina.com


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Visit the Acheron River in Parga, Epirus:

Acheron River is a river located in the area of Glyki in Epirus. According to mythology, the plain of Acheron was the place inhabited by the souls of the dead. The river was the road through which Charon lead souls to Lake Acherousia, the depths of which was the kingdom of Hades.The River Acheron, is consider under the ecological perspective as one of the most important in Europe.