4th International Conference on Precision Nutrition and Metabolism in Public Health and Medicine


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Dietary fiber as linking pin between microbiome profile and metabolic phenotype
Femke Hoevenaars1, Tim van den Broek1, Boukje Eveleens Maarse2, Matthijs Moerland2, Ines Warnke3, Suzan Wopereis1, hannah Eggink1, and Frank Schuren1
N-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids alleviated Trimethylamine-N-oxide -mediated impairment of neovascularization in human endothelial progenitor cells
Feng-Yao Tang and Jia-Ning Syu
Precision lifestyle advice for type 2 diabetes: using multilevel modelling to predict acute glucose responses to contextual factors and lifestyle interventions
Iris de Hoogh1,2, Tim Snel2,3, Regina Kamstra1, Tanja Krone1, Hannah Eggink1, Hanno Pijl2, and Albert de Graaf1
Impact of citrate metabolism on immune cell function.
Fangfang Chen1,2, Hanna Willenbockel1, Birte Dowerg1, and Thekla Cordes1,2
Mitochondria as a possible therapeutic target to counteract muscle weakness in patients with RA.
Estela Santos-Alves1, Baptiste Jude1,3, Jaanus Lekko1, Carlos Morado2, Maarten Steinz1, Ferdinand von Walden3, Camilla Svensson2, and Johanna Lanner1
Macronutrition and signal-induced regulation of RNA splicing in adipose tissue depots
Esther Landaluce Iturriria, Eric Fernandez, René Dreos, Béatrice Desvergne, Maxime Jan, Tiziana Caputo, Nicolas Guex, and Isabel López Mejía
The potential of alpha-mangostin in modulating the insulin signaling pathway and endoplasmic reticulum stress in cultured adipocytes.
Oliver John, Esther Landaluce-Iturriria, and Isabel Lopez-Mejia
Regulation of aspartate and NO synthesis by ATP-citrate lyase
Antonia Henne1, Christabel Mennicken2, Alexander Heinz1, Eicke Latz2, and Karsten Hiller1
Long-term acrylamide exposure interfere with muscle metabolism
SHU-RONG WANG and En-Pei I Chiang
Determination of free amino acids in whey protein ethanol-treated solutions after the application of an in vitro digestibility protocol
Asterios Stamkopoulos, Vasileios Xenidis, Charikleia Kyrkou, Konstantina Tentzidou , Garoufalia Charitou , Foteini Tsakoumaki , Athina Lazaridou , Thomas Moschakis , Costas G. Biliaderis , and Alexandra-Maria Michaelidou
Aging and drug-induced metabolic dysregulation in muscle tissues - a pilot study
Chang Chen, Tsai Xin, and Chiang Pei
generative AI for a diet recommendation system following USDA guidelines
Trevor Chan and Ilias Tagkopoulos