5th International Conference on Stem Cells


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59 Role of ZEB proteins in hematopoietic and leukemia stem cells.
Jody J Haigh
60 Adipose derived stem cells as a potential therapy for obesity and its associated comorbidities
fatima Saleh
61 Therapeutic Applications Of Adipocyte-derived Stem Cells
Kok Leong Tan
62 A biosensor mouse to study plasticity and fate of ocular surface epithelia in limbal stem cell deficiency
Nick Di Girolamo, Mijeong Park, and Alex Richardson
63 Overcoming Neuronal Reprogramming Barriers as a Novel Therapeutic Strategy for ALS
Hussein GHAZALE1,3, Eunjee Park1,3, Lakshmy Vasan1,3, Fermisk Saleh1,2, Dawn Zinyk1, Vorapin Chinchalongporn1,3, Taylor Fleming1,3, Satoshi Okawa4, Igor Kovalchuk 6, Antonio del Sol4, Maryam Faiz2,3, Bojana Stefanovic1,6, JoAnne McLaurin1,3, and Carol Schuurmans1,2,3
64 Dietary methionine restriction rejuvenates aged intestinal stem cell niche
Norihiro Goto and Omer Yilmaz
65 Primate embryo gastrulation and early organogenesis
Jinglei Zhai
66 An aggregation of human embryonic and trophoblast stem cells reveals the role of trophectoderm on epiblast differentiation
Xulun Wu
67 Neurulation of the cynomolgus monkey embryo achieved from 3D blastocyst culture
Yanhong Xu
68 Cell fate changes during muscle regeneration are facilitated by the methyltransferase KMT2D
Sarah Hachmer1,2, Victor Medved2, Joel Benjamin3, Herve Faralli2, Kiran Nakka2, Thomas Rando3, Kai Ge4, and F. Jeffrey Dilworth1,2
69 a CRISPR screen of somatic cell reprogramming reveals novel biphasic regulation of fate by cell cycle genes
Matthew Guo1,, Dan Trcka, Bibaswan Ghoshal, Shyam Patel1,, and Jeff Wrana1,
70 Generation and characterization of ventral spinal neurons derived from axial stem cells
Benjamin L.T. Tak
71 Sympathetic innervation modulates the perivascular muscle stem cell niche through Angiopoietin-1 to regulate skeletal muscle homeostasis and repair.
Alessio Rotini1, Juliette Berthier1, Nathalie Didier1, Sara Salucci2, Marianne Gervais-Taurel1, Olivier Stettler1, Romain K Gherardi1, Peggy Lafuste1, and Frederic Relaix1
72 Unlocking the Door to New Osteoporosis Therapies: Uncovering the role of the genetic mutations in G-Protein coupled receptors.
Olga Krasnova 1, Julia Sopova1, Karina Kulakova1, Anastasiia Kovaleva1, Giomar Vasileva2, Anna Zhuk2, and Irina Neganova1
73 Development of a stem cell-based therapeutic device for the treatment of pressure injuries in spinal cord injured patients
Alessandro Bertolo, Reto Wettstein, Nicole Nyfeler, and Jivko Stoyanov
74 regulation of intestinal stem cell differentiation by the coactivator P300
Onur Eskiocak1,2, Santhilal Subhash1, Kadir Ozler1, and Semir Beyaz1
75 Compound heterozygous mutation of the CaSR gene causes decreased competence for osteogenic differentiation
Karina Kulakova1, Olga Krasnova1, Yuliya Sopova1, Konstantin Gusev, and Irina Neganova1
76 Human induced pluripotent stem cells as a model for environmental impact on HNF1A-MODY diabetes
Thomas Legøy1, Eilen Ravnanger1, Lucas Unger1, Amanda Friestad1, Joao Paulo2, Luiza Ghila1, and Simona Chera1
77 Lymphatic Niches instruct Stem Cell Fate Decisions during Tissue Regeneration
Madison Conte, Sophia Vivar, Vicky Han, and Shiri Gur-Cohen
78 Engineered extracellular matrices facilitate brain organoids from human pluripotent stem cells
Tugba Topal
79 Post-fast refeeding enhances intestinal stem cell-mediated regeneration and tumorigenesis through mTORC1-dependent polyamine synthesis
Saleh Khawaled1, Shinya Imada 1, Heaji Shin1, Sven W. Meckelmann2, Chia-Wei Cheng1,3, Alpaslan Tasdogan 5, and Omer Yilmaz 1
80 Dissecting the signaling-epigenetic axis safeguarding hair follicle stem cell quiescence in the adult skin
Pooja Flora, Meng-Yen Li, and Elena Ezhkova
81 Improvement of human stem cell-derived hepatic model by exploiting the potential of FailSafe technology
Julianna Lilienberg1, András Nagy2, Ágota Apáti1, and László Homolya1
82 Combinatorial hiPSC-neuron and engineered biomaterial transplantation therapy to treat chronic spinal cord injury
Vanessa M Doulames1, Meghan E Hefferon1, Neil J Baugh1, Riley A Suhar1, Theo D Palmer2, and Sarah C Heilshorn1
83 Zika virus targets human trophoblast stem cells and prevents syncytialization in placental trophoblast organoids
Hao Wu
84 A proteomics approach for hunting elusive stemness proteins
Daniela Gerovska1, Marcos J. Araúzo-Bravo1, Jeong Beom Kim2, Natalia Tapia3, Daniel Esch4, Johannes Graumann5, Matthias Mann6, and Hans R. Schöler4
85 Thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor signaling restores skeletal muscle stem cell regeneration in rats with muscular dystrophy
Valentina Taglietti, Kaouthar Kefi, Lea Rivera, Peggy Lafuste, Laurent Tiret, and Frederic Relaix
86 Embryonic macrophages regulate bone marrow microenvironment for HSC pool size.
Gulce Itir Percin and Claudia Waskow
87 Preserving Cellular Identity: APOBEC2 Safeguards Cell-Fate Integrity Throughout Differentiation
Elias M Amro, Jose Paulo Lorenzo, and Fotini Nina Papavasiliou
88 Vital labeling of potential naïve pluripotency in a mouse model
Iqbal Hyder, Naresh L. Selokar, Wiebke Garrels, Sabine Klein, and Wilfried A. Kues
89 Oligodendroglioma cells modulate tumor growth via biogenesis of exosomes with growth-inhibitory properties
Fermisk Saleh1,3, Anjali Balakrishnan1,3, Lata Adnani2,3, Vorapin Chinchalongporn3, Lakshmy Vasan3,4, Oleksandr Prokopchuk3, Myra J Chen10, Ahmed El-Sehemy4,5, Thomas Olender6, Yacine Touahri3, Shiekh Tanveer Ahmad7,10, Rehnuma Islam8, Sajeevan Sujanthan3, Dawn Zinyk3, Lacrimioara C Comanita5, Boris Kan3, Taylor Fleming3, Hon S Leong3, Cindi M Morshead8, Marjorie Brand6, Valerie A Wallace4,5,9, Jennifer A Chan2, and Carol Schuurmans1,2,3,4
90 A Stem Cell Guardian of the Developmental Clock
Eumorphia Remboutsika1, Theodoros Karnavas1, Panagiota Stamou6, Nikolaos Mandalos1, Francesca Sanvito3, Aida Di Gregorio5, Tristan A Rodriguez5, Dimitris L Kontoyiannis6, and Marco Bianchi4
91 Fasting-induced lipolysis in dermal adipocytes drives apoptosis of hair follicle stem cells
Han Chen, Chao Liu, Shiyao Cui, and Bing Zhang
92 Neuromuscular organoids to model development and disease
Mina Gouti
93 VE-cadherin is expressed transiently in early Isl1+ cardiovascular progenitor cells and promotes cardiac differentiation
Violetta A. Maltabe1,2, Nikolaos Paschalidis 3, and Panos Kouklis1,2