14th International Conference on Complement Therapeutics


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Measuring C5a with functional bioassay
Dr. Michael Schwenkert and Ali Qamar
The epigenetic effect of Temozolomide, Valproic acid, and Dexamethasone on glioblastoma cell lines and their effect on complement system
Agnieszka Belter1, Anna-Maria Barciszewska2, and Miroslawa Naskręt-Barciszewska1
Combined inhibition of complement (C3/C5) and the Toll-like receptors co-factor CD14 in inflammation induced by Candida spp.
Pedro Miguel Coelho Medeiros1,2, Leon Cyranka1,3, Anne Rosbjerg3, Camilla Schjalm1, Peter Garred2,3, Reinhard Würzner2, and Tom Eirik Mollnes1,4,5
Sialylation-dependent clearance of CR1: Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic characterization
Sandra Wymann1, Marcel Mischnik3, David Leong2, Subhajit Ghosh3, Xiahui Tan2, Helen Cao2, Benjamin Kuehnemuth3, Glenn Powers2, Partho Halder3, Mitchell de Souza2, Hannah James2, Vesna Tomasetig2, Holger Lind3, Paolo Rossato3, Catherine Owczarek2, Saw Yen Ow2, Steven Dower2, Adriana Baz Morelli2, Tony Rowe2, and Matthew Hardy2
Evaluation of a novel cell depletion model and the characterization of cytokine response by individual cell populations in the lepirudin human whole blood model
Beatrice Fageräng1, Corinna Lau2, Pedro Coelho Medeiros1, Karin Mc Adam1, Camilla Schjalm1, Per Nilsson1,3, Peter Garred4, and Tom Eirik Mollnes1,2,5
Recognition of post-translational lysine modifications by the lectin pathway initiator ficolin-3
Linnea Lindelöf1, David Eikrem1, Kristina Nilsson Ekdahl1,2, Peter Garred3, Bo Nilsson1, and Oskar Eriksson1
A phase 1 healthy subject study of CAN106, a long-acting anti-C5 mAb in clinical development for complement-mediated diseases
Gerald Cox1, Chin Meng Khoo2, Charlene Song1, and Judith Wu1
Short- and long-term blood and urine storage: implications for complement C5b-9 research and diagnostic development
Ellen Millman1, Daniel Mills2, Oksana Shkilnyk2, Dieudonne Sidi2, Michelle Elvington3, Tobin Cammett1, and Martin Schmidt3
Fragment-based drug design in the development of novel inhibitors against the initiating protease, C1r, of the classical pathway of complement
Denise Rohlik
Mathematical Model of the Alternative Pathway: a Tool to Identify Optimal Pharmacological Targets
Elod Kortvely1, Antonello Caruso2, Jannik Vollmer3, Matthias Machacek3, and Robin Denhardt-Eriksson3
Role of pentraxin 3 and interaction with complement in immune defence against malaria
Hang Zhong
Evaluation of the expanded Quidel MicroVue Complement Multiplex platform in human, cynomolgus monkey, and rhesus monkey samples
Sarika Agarwal, Troy Gilliam, and Patrick Sexton
Complement implication in the acute kidney injury associated with rhabdomyolysis
A Grunenwald, V Poillerat, M Revel, E Voilin, T Robe-Rybkine, I Boudhabhay, S Sacks, Florent Petitprez, L Gilardin, and LT Roumenina