3rd International Conference on Tissue Repair, Regeneration, and Fibrosis


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Efficacy of mesenchymal stem cells in the treatment of chronic wounds
Serhiy Slobodianyk, Sergii Vernygorodskyi, and Volodymyr Shkolnikov
Hyperosmotic stress in fibroblasts and its role in skin homeostasis and disease
Catharina Sänger1, Mateusz Wietecha1, Martina Cernakova1, Lorenza Garau Paganella2, Celine Labouesse2, Oksana Dudaryeva2, Edoardo Mazza2, Mark Tibbitt2, and Sabine Werner1
YAP-mediated hepatocyte damage and hepatic stellate cell activation contributes to liver fibrosis and regeneration with HIV-related liver injury
Shadi salloum1, Brian Fellenstein1, Andrew Kassa1, Wenyu Lin1, Lishan Su2,3, and Raymond Chung1
Lentiviral transduction with Foxn1 and/or Hif-1α gene affects skin wound healing in regenerative Foxn1-/- mice.
Barbara Gawronska-Kozak1, Katarzyna Walendzik1, Sylwia Machcińska-Zielińska1, Marta Kopcewicz1, Artur Padzik2, and Joanna Wisniewska1
Interaction between Foxn1 and hypoxia activate the antioxidant defense system in keratinocytes
Sylwia Machcińska-Zielińska1, Katarzyna Walendzik1, Marta Kopcewicz1, Joanna Wiśniewska1, Anne Rokka2, Mirva Pääkkönen2, Mariola Słowińska3, and Barbara Gawrońska-Kozak1
Epidermal transcription factor Foxn1 regulates intradermal adipocytes lipid metabolism
Katarzyna Walendzik1, Marta Kopcewicz1, Joanna Wiśniewska1, Wiesław Wiczkowski2, Sylwia Machcińska-Zielińska1, and Barbara Gawrońska-Kozak1
Towards an in vitro model of clubfoot fibrosis: Enhancing extracellular matrix production with macromolecular crowding
Martina Doubkova1,2, Jarmila Knitlova1, Adam Eckhardt1, David Vondrasek3, Elena Filova1, Martin Ostadal4, and Tomas Novotny5
Small slices: a medium throughput methodology for modelling lung disease and testing novel therapies
Ben Barksby1, Rachel Burgoyne 1, Cori Bertram1, Joaquim Majo 2, Andrew Fisher 3,5, and Lee Borthwick1,4
A New Tool for Preclinical Research and Drug Discovery: Extracellular Matrix Remodeling Quantification in Human Precision-Cut Kidney Slices
Alexandra Møller1,2, Daniel Rasmussen1, Michael Jensen3, Jean-Claude Kresse3, Henricus Mutsaers3, Federica Genovese1, Morten Karsdal1, and Rikke Nørregaard3
Type I collagen degradation measured shortly after ST-elevated myocardial infarction is associated with risk of mortality: results from the PREDICT-CS study
Elisavet Angeli1,2, Alexander Reese-Petersen1, Martin Frydland3, Morten Karsdal1, Federica Genovese1, and Christian Hassager3
Characterisation of the novel galectin-3 inhibitor GB1107 on CCl4-induced liver fibrosis
Robert Slack1, Duncan Humphries2, Alison Mackinnon2, and Fredrik Zetterberg3
Metabolic Regulation of Neutrophil Biology in a Murine Model of Severe Malnutrition
Robert Bandsma1,2,4, Nades Palaniyar3, Meraj Khan3, Amber Farooqui1, Catriona (Cino) Ling1,2, and Celine Bourdon1
Initiation of wound healing is regulated by the convergence of mechanical and epigenetic cues
Tanay Bhatt and Colin Jamora
Liver fibrosis after the infection with three species of food-borne trematodes: a comparative RNA-seq analysis
Mariya Pakharukova, Oxana Zaparina, and Viatcheslav Mordvinov
Nervous tissue restoration following traumatic brain injury by coral skeleton-based implants
Orly Weiss, Eyal Canji, Roni Hendler, Tzachy Morad, and Danny Baranes
Coral skeleton - a supporting scaffold for enhancing brain injury repair by regulating Astrocytic Reactivity and Scar Formation
Roni Hendler, Orly Weiss, and Danny Baranes
Dupuytren’s Disease (DD): WNT4 knockdown in normal skin fibroblasts leads to ‘DD-like’ changes in the transcriptome
Aoife O'Brien1,2, Andrew Stevenson 2, Lucy Barrett2, Amira Allahham2, Fabio Quondamatteo1, Fiona Wood2, and Mark Fear2