4th International Conference on the Long and the Short of Non-Coding RNAs


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Sunday, June 12

05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Conference Registration
07:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Welcome Reception and Dinner

Monday, June 13

07:30 AM - 08:30 AM
08:30 AM - 08:45 AM
Welcome and Opening Remarks (Organizing Committee)
ncRNAs throughout evolution
Chair: Cecilia Arraiano
08:45 AM - 09:15 AM
Ribonucleases and control of non-coding RNAs
Cecilia Arraiano
09:15 AM - 09:45 AM
Role of piRNAs in stem cell metabolic reprogramming
Martine Simonelig
09:45 AM - 10:15 AM
Mechanistic insights into piRNA-directed DNA methylation
Donal O'Carroll
10:15 AM - 10:45 AM
Transposons expands the functional reservoir in mammalian genomes
Lin He
10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
short RNA biogenesis and regulation
Chair: Richard Gregory
11:45 AM - 12:15 PM
RNA regulation in stem cells and cancer
Richard Gregory
12:15 PM - 12:45 PM
Killing miR-softly: new clues to TDMD
Francesco Nicassio
12:45 PM - 01:15 PM
Less stress with microRNAs
Amy Pasquinelli
01:15 PM - 01:45 PM
miRNAs, gene fusions, and cancer
Andrea Ventura
01:45 PM - 03:00 PM
Lunch and Informal Discussions
07:15 PM - 10:30 PM
Dinner and Informal Discussions

Tuesday, June 14

07:30 AM - 08:30 AM
short RNAs in development & disease
Chair: Myriam Gorospe
08:30 AM - 09:00 AM
OIP5-AS1-driven TDMD in human myogenesis
Myriam Gorospe
09:00 AM - 09:30 AM
circRNA functions in neuronal and muscular diseases
Irene Bozzoni
09:30 AM - 10:00 AM
microManaging cell differentiation
Dmitry Kretov1, Isha Walawalkar1, Simon Moxon2, and Daniel Cifuentes1
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Defining coding and non-coding RNA targetomes
Artemis Hatzigeorgiou
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
mRNA metabolism 1
Chair: Joshua Mendell
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Regulation and function of noncoding RNAs: lessons from NORAD
Joshua Mendell
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Alternative splicing in pediatric leukemia: implications for therapy
Andrei Thomas-Tikhonenko
12:30 PM - 01:00 PM
A new role of m6A RNA modification in gene regulation
Julian König
01:00 PM - 01:30 PM
Ribosome collisions function as a trigger for cell fate decisions
Rachel Green
01:30 PM - 03:00 PM
Lunch and Informal Discussions
07:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Dinner and Informal Discussions

Wednesday, June 15

07:30 AM - 08:30 AM
mRNA metabolism 2
Chair: Lynne E Maquat
08:30 AM - 09:00 AM
AKT Constitutes a Signal-Promoted Alternative Exon-Junction Complex that Regulates Nonsense-Mediated mRNA Decay
Lynne E. Maquat
09:00 AM - 09:30 AM
RNA quality control at the Endoplasmic Reticulum
Javier Caceres
09:30 AM - 10:00 AM
In-cell identification and measurement of RNA-protein interactions
Alena Shkumatava
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Dissecting Gene Expression Dynamics by time-resolved RNA Sequencing
Stefan Ameres
10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
11:15 AM - 11:55 AM
Publishing and Open Science
Stefanie Böhm1 and Eleni Skourti2
11:55 AM - 12:00 PM
Presentation of the FEBS J Poster Prize - Eleni Skourti (FEBS J)
12:00 PM - 12:10 PM
FEBS activities and programs - Mutay Aslan (FEBS ACC)
Presentations by FEBS YTF awardees (will also be presenting posters)
12:10 PM - 12:22 PM
Investigating nuclear AGO2 functions in colon cancer model systems (supported by Transcontinental YTF and IUBMB)
Krystal Johnson and David Corey
12:22 PM - 12:34 PM
The lncRNA Sweetheart regulates adaptive cardiac hypertrophy after myocardial injury
Sandra Rogala1,6, Tamer Ali1,5,6, Maria-Theodora Melissari6, Sandra Währisch2, Alexandre Sarre3, Jaskiran Kaur6, Stefanie Dimmeler6, Jaya Krishnan6, Thierry Pedrazzini3, Bernhard Herrmann2,4, and Phillip Grote1,2,6
12:34 PM - 12:46 PM
The manipulation of NMD-prone transgenes and RfxCas13d-mediated gene knockdown reveals the temporal pattern of transcriptional adaptation
Gabrielius Jakutis1, Eleanor Vail1, Zacharias Kontarakis2, and Didier Stainier1
12:46 PM - 12:58 PM
Very long intergenic non-coding RNAs, as potential architectural players of chromatin 3D reorganization during oncogene-induced senescence
Julien Ouvrard, Stéphane Shaak, Sandra Lazorthes, Maxime Delmas, Marion Aguirrebengoa, Olivier Cuvier, Didier Trouche, and Estelle Nicolas
12:58 PM - 01:10 PM
Functional characterization of linear and circular PVT1 in B-cell Lymphoma
Xing Zhao, Joost Kluiver, and Anke van den Berg
01:10 PM - 01:22 PM
Functional dissection of IGH enhancers and enhancer RNAs in B-cell lymphomas
Marta Kasprzyk, Weronika Sura, Wojciech Łosiewski, Marta Podralska, Marta Kazimierska, Tomasz Woźniak, Natalia Rozwadowska, and Agnieszka Dzikiewicz-Krawczyk
01:22 PM - 01:34 PM
Investigating the prognostic value of circRNAs in multiple myeloma
Theresa Jakobsen1, Lasse Kristensen1, Alenka Behsen2, Kristine Misund2, Karen Dybkær4, Katrine Iversen, and Torben Plesner
01:34 PM - 01:46 PM
Identification of chemosensitizing miRNAs by a functional screening and characterization of associated target genes to propose new therapies for ovarian cancers
Celia Brochen1,2, Mégane Vernon1,2, Matthieu Meryet-Figuière1,2, Bernard Lambert1,2,3, Emilie Brotin1,2,4, Nicolas Vigneron1,2, Mohammad Ahmad1,2, Jean-Paul Issartel5, Edwige Abeilard1,2,4, Florence Giffard1,2, Laurent Poulain1,2,4, and Christophe Denoyelle1,2,4
01:46 PM - 01:58 PM
Emerging roles of mRNA/miRNA/lncRNA networks in non-small cell lung cancer
Cecilia Pop-Bica, Cornelia Braicu, Lajos Raduly, Cristina Alexandra Ciocan, and Ioana Berindan-Neagoe
02:00 PM - 03:30 PM
Lunch and Informal Discussions
03:30 PM - 08:00 PM
City Tour
08:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Dinner and Informal Discussions

Thursday, June 16

07:30 AM - 08:30 AM
ncRNAs in development and cancer
Chair: Zissimos Mourelatos
08:30 AM - 09:00 AM
piRNP function in flies and mammals
Zissimos Mourelatos
09:00 AM - 09:30 AM
The state of RNA upon cellular stress
Emmanouil Maragkakis
09:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Metastatic reprogramming of lung adenocarcinoma microenvironment by Malat1 overexpression
Elena Martinez-Terroba and Nadya Dimitrova
10:00 AM - 10:30 AM
Alternative polyadenylation and cancer immunotherapy
Iannis Aifantis
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Coffee Break and Poster Viewing
RNA therapeutics
Chair: Judy Lieberman
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Cancer immunotherapy using EpCAM aptamer tumor-targeted gene knockdown
Ying Zhang1, Judy Lieberman1, Winston Hide2, Dian-Jang Lee1, Karla Meza1, Pourya Yeganeh2, David Valle-Garcia1, Caroline Junqueria1, Jiayu Su1, Xuemei Xie1, and Hongbo Luo1
12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
Towards personalized microRNA-based therapeutics in cancer
Frank Slack
12:30 PM - 01:00 PM
A Rational Design to Enhancing miRNA Therapeutics through Vehicle Free Delivery Coupled to Endosomal Escape
Andrea Kasinski
01:00 PM - 01:30 PM
Antisense Therapeutics for Genetic Diseases and Oncology
Adrian Krainer
01:30 PM - 03:00 PM
Lunch and Informal Discussions
08:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Farewell Dinner

Friday, June 17

08:00 AM - 10:00 AM
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM