7th International Conference on Tumor Microenvironment and Cellular Stress: Signaling, Metabolism, Imaging and Therapeutic Targets



Monday, September 20





7:00 PM


Conference Registration




8:00 PM


Welcome Reception and Dinner





Tuesday, September 21





8:00 AM






9:00 AM


Welcome and Opening Remarks






Keynote Lecture

Chair: Costas Koumenis




9:10 AM


Optical and Optoacoustic imaging: the revolution of label free observations.

Vasilis Ntziachristos






Tumor Stroma

Chair: Andrew Thorburn

10:00 AM


Implications of spatiotemporal heterogeneity of stromal cells and matrix remodeling for pancreatic cancer progression and therapy

Ellen Puré

10:30 AM


Regulation of a pre-metastatic niche in the lung by endothelial cells

Sandra Ryeom

11:00 AM


ATF4 regulates fibroblast activation, angiogenesis and metastasis

Costas Koumenis and Ioannis Verginadis




11:30 AM


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing






TME-Immune System & Inflammation

Chair: Ioanna Papandreou

12:15 PM


Enhancer Reprogramming Links TNFα-producing Macrophages Surveillance and Subtype Identity in Pancreatic Cancer

Shiv Singh, Mengyu Tu, Lukas Klein, Elisa Espinet, Theodoros Georgomanolis, Florian Wegwitz, Xiaojuan Li, Uday Kishore, Philipp Ströbel, Elisabeth Hessmann, Stephan Hahn, Andreas  Trumpp, Argyris Papantonis, Volker Ellenrieder, and Shiv Singh

12:45 PM


Reprogram the vascular microenvironment for solid tumor immunotherapy

Yi Fan

1:15 PM


Blockade of p38 kinase impedes the mobilization of myeloid populations that promote breast cancer metastasis

Justin Zonneville, Priyanka Rajan, Scott Abrams, and Andrei Bakin




1:45 PM


Lunch and Informal Discussions




7:30 PM


Dinner and Informal Discussions

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Wednesday, September 22





7:30 AM








Tumor Hypoxia I

Chair: Amit Maity

8:30 AM


Studying Novel VHL Regulatory Signaling Pathways in Kidney Cancer

Qing Zhang

9:00 AM


The Multiple Facets of LincNORS: From O2 Sensing in Cancer Cells to Human Phenotypes

Mircea Ivan

9:30 AM


Metabolic targeting in lung cancer: What did we learn from pre-clinical and clinical metformin trials, what is next?

Theos Tsakiridis






Keynote Lecture

Chair: Sandra Ryeom

10:00 AM


A telomere-to-mitochondria axis regulates inflammation in replicative crisis

Joe Nassour, Lucia Gutierrez, Tobias Scvhmidt, Adriana Correia, Gerald Shadel, and Jan Karlseder




10:50 AM


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing






Tumor Hypoxia II

Chair: Crystal Conn

11:45 AM


Targeting Clear Cell Ovarian Cancer by targeting Glutaminase-1

Othon Illiopoulos

12:15 PM


Reciprocal regulation of HIF-1α by two kinases, ERK1/2 and CK1δ, creates a gradient of HIF-1α subcellular distribution and transcriptional activity

Christina Arseni, Kreon Koukoulas, George Simos, and Ilias Mylonis

12:30 PM


Hypoxia-induced FAM13A modulates growth, metastatic potential and actin cytoskeleton organization of lung cancer cells

Iwona Ziółkowska-Suchanek, Marta Podralska, Magdalena Żurawek, Katarzyna Iżykowska, Agnieszka Dzikiewicz-Krawczyk, and Natalia Rozwadowska

12:45 PM


Hypoxia-induced alternative splicing of the VEGFA transcript is mediated by ROS-driven and HIF-independent subcellular re-distribution of SAFB1/2 and SRPK1

Chrysa Taze, Sotiria Drakouli, George Simos, Eleni Georgatsou, and Ilias Mylonis

1:00 PM


The metabolic enzyme pyruvate dehydrogenase phosphatase 1 (PDP1) is a positive regulator of HIF activity during the hypoxic response.

Angeliki Karagiota, Amalia Kanoura, George Simos, Efrosyni Paraskeva, and Georgia Chachami




1:30 PM


Lunch and Informal Discussions




7:30 PM


Dinner and Informal Discussions

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Thursday, September 23





7:30 AM








Radiation, normal tissue damage and fibrosis

Chair: Ioanna Papandreou

9:00 AM


Normal tissues responses of the adult and juvenile mouse brain to FLASH-Radiotherapy

Charles Limoli, Yasaman Alaghband, Barrett Allen, Benoit Petit, Pierre Montay-Gruel, and Marie-Catherine Vozenin

9:30 AM


FLASH proton radiotherapy reduces toxicities in skin, muscle and bone tissues while maintaining an equipotent efficacy against sarcoma as compared to standard proton radiotherapy

Anastasia Velalopoulou, Ilias Karagounis, Gwendolyn Cramer, Michele Kim, Giorgos Skoufos , Denisa Goia, Sarah Hagan, Ioannis Verginadis, Khayrullo Shoniyozov, Lutian Yao, Ling Qin, Artemis Hatzigeorgiou, Andy Minn, Mary Putt, Matthew Lanza, Charles-Antoine Assenmacher, Enrico Radaelli, Jennifer Huck, Eric Diffenderfer, Lei Dong, James Metz, Constantinos Koumenis, Keith Cengel, Theresa Busch, and Amit Maity

10:00 AM


Strong dependence of repair pathway choice on the load of DSBs in the genome

George Iliakis, Emil Mladenov, Aashish Soni, Veronika Mladenova, and Martin Stuschke

10:30 AM


Effective metabolic targeting and suppression of hypoxia, survival and radio-resistance pathways in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) by canagliflozin mediates tumor suppression alone and in combination with radiotherapy

Olga-Demetra Biziotis, Evangelia Tsakiridis, Jianhan Wu, Amr Ali, Elham Ahmadi, Aruz Mesci, Tobias Berg, Gregory Steinberg, and Theodoros Tsakiridis




10:45 AM


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing






GI and GU cancers

Chair: Ellen Pure

11:30 AM


Hemojuvelin protects against hepatocellular carcinoma by iron-dependent and independent mechanisms

Kostas Pantopoulos

12:00 PM



Amato Giaccia

12:30 PM


Notch signaling in therapy resistance in aggressive breast cancer

Rumela Chakrabarti

1:00 PM


V-set and immunoglobulin domain containing 1 – an enigmatic marker of hepatoid carcinomas of the stomach and gastric-type carcinoma of the liver

Simona Gurzu, Raluca van Staden Stefan, Haruhiko Sugimura, and Ioan Jung

1:15 PM


De novo steroidogenesis in osteotropic tumor cells drives bone metastasis formation

Peter Benko, Simon Nagy, Toru Hiraga, and David Gyori




1:30 PM


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3:30 PM


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Dinner and Informal Discussions

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Friday, September 24





7:30 AM








ER stress, translational regulation in cancer

Chair: Ravi Amaravadi

8:30 AM


Crosstalk between Oncogenic Stress and ER stress in Cancer

Xi Chen

9:00 AM


Dual ribosome profiling uncovers metabolic limitations in distinct cellular populations of the tumor microenvironment

Fabricio Loayza-Puch

9:30 AM


A protein synthesis-dependent adaptive response shapes aggressive prostate cancer

Crystal Conn

10:00 AM


DIANA microRNA analysis suite: Towards identification of non-coding RNAs as cancer biomarkers

Artemis Hatzigeorgiou




10:30 AM


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing






Autophagy & Metabolic Stress

Chair: Yi Fan

11:15 AM


Autophagy as a moving target in cancer.

Andrew Thorburn

11:45 AM


Lysosomal autophagy inhibition: mechanism and clinical translation updates

Ravi Amaravadi, Monika Bhardwaj, Vaibhav Jain, Amanda  Versace, Mary Ann Crissey , and Jennifer Lee

12:15 PM


Oncogenic and microenvironmental control of lipid droplet dynamics supports malignant progression

Ioanna Papandreou

12:45 PM


Mitochondrial targeting with clinically used complex I inhibitors in prostate cancer. Metabolic regulation and anti-tumor efficacy in combination with radiotherapy

Evangelia Tsakiridis, Lindsay Broadfield, Katarina Marcinko, Amr Ali, Elham  Ahmadi, Olga-Dimitra Biziotis, Aruz Mesci, Tobias Berg, Gregory Steinberg, and Theodoros Tsakiridis

1:00 PM


Rosemary Extract Inhibits Cell Survival and Proliferation and Activates Apoptosis in PC-3 and 22Rv1 Prostate Cancer Cells

Deborah Termini, Filip Vlavcheski and Evangelia Tsiani




1:30 PM


Closing Remarks




1:35 PM


Lunch and Informal Discussions




8:00 PM


Farewell Dinner






Saturday, September 25





8:00 AM













Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Unravels Heterogeneity of the Stromal Niche in Cutaneous Melanoma Heterogeneous Spheroids

Jiri Novotny, Karolina Strnadova, Barbora Dvorankova, Sarka Kocourkova, Radek Jaksa, Pavel Dundr, Vaclav Paces, Karel Smetana, Jr., Michal Kolar, and Lukas Lacina


Exosomes produced by melanoma cells significantly influence the biological properties of normal and cancer-associated fibroblasts

Karolina Strnadová, Lucie Pfeiferová, Petr Přikryl, Barbora Dvořánková, Erik Vlčák, Jana Frýdlová, Martin Vokurka, Jiří Novotný, Jana Šáchová, Miluše Hradilová, Jan Brábek, Jana Šmigová, Daniel Rosel, Karel Smetana, Jr., Michal Kolář, and Lukáš Lacina


Analysis of HPV-Positive and HPV-Negative Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinomas and Paired Normal Mucosae Reveals Cyclin D1 Deregulation and Compensatory Effect of Cyclin D2

Jana Šáchová, Jiří Novotný, Michal Kolář, Miluše Hradilová, Martina Krausová, Hynek Strnad, Karel Smetana Jr., Jan Plzák, and Tomáš Vomastek


Interplay between hypoxia and sumoylation in transcriptional regulation: the role of TFAP2A 

Amalia Kanoura, Antonis Giakountis, Chrysa Filippopoulou, George Stamatakis, Martina Samiotaki, George Panayotou, George Simos, and Georgia Chachami


Calcitriol Suppresses HIF-1 and HIF-2 Transcriptional Activity and subsequent adaptation of cells to hypoxia by Reducing HIF-1/2α Protein Levels via a VDR-Independent Mechanism.

Ioanna Maria Gkotinakou, Eleni Kechagia, Kalliopi Pazaitou-Panayiotou, Ilias Mylonis, Panagiotis Liakos, and Andreas Tsakalof


The Effect of Cannabis on Myeloid-derived Suppressor Cells

Iris Wyrobnik, Hila Noval-Kotzer, and David Meiri


Significance of maspin expression in gastric carcinomas

Ioan Jung, Raluca van Staden Stefan, and Simona Gurzu


Carnosic acid, a rosemary polyphenol, activates ERK and induces apoptosis in NSCLC cells

Eric O'Neill and Evangelia Tsiani


Sustained inflammatory signaling through Stat1/Stat2/IRF9 is associated with amoeboid phenotype of melanoma cells

Aneta Škarková, Anna-Marie Šůchová, Vladimír Čermák, Ladislav Merta, Daniel Rosel, and Jan Brabek


The Effect of Cannabis on Myeloid-derived Suppressor Cells

Iris Wyrobnik, Hila Novak-Kotzer, and David Meiri