8th International Conference on Osteoimmunology: Interactions of the Immune and Skeletal Systems


Saturday May 14, 2022

7:00 pm     Conference Registration

8:00 pm     Welcome Reception and Dinner


Sunday May 15, 2022

8:00 am           Breakfast

Chair: Joseph Lorenzo/ Natalie Sims


9:00 am:          “Innate and adaptive immune responses in the bone marrow – live and in color”
                        Matthias Gunzer

                        University Duisburg-Essen, Germany 

9:40 am           “A stem cell basis for osteoblast versus adipocyte lineage commitment”

                        Matthew B. Greenblatt

                        Weill Cornell Medical College, USA 

10:20 am:        “Parathyroid hormone receptor signaling in osteoblast lineage support of hematopoiesis”
                        Joy Wu 

                        Stanford Medicine, USA


11:00 am         Coffee Break


11:30 am         “Inspiration by non-canonical models for skeletal biology”

                        Andrei Chagin

                        Karolinska Institute, Sweden  

Short Talks


12:10 pm         "IL-23 induced GDF15 contributes to trabecular bone loss, but does not affect skin, gut or joint inflammation"

                        Renee Van der Cruyssen

                        Ghent University, Belgium 

12:30 pm         "Supplementation with a single Bifidobacterium accelerates bone repair in aged mice"

                        Joseph Roberts

                        Emory University, USA 

12:50 pm         "Bone-specific alterations in tumour-intrinsic immune signalling in metastatic prostate cancer"

                        Katie Owen

                        Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Australia 

1:10 pm           "Systemic IL-27 administration prevents abscess formation and osteolysis via local neutrophil recruitment and activation"

                        Gowrishankar Muthukrishnan

                        University of Rochester Medical Center, USA

1:30 pm           "Utilizing microbe-derived agents to modulate inflammation and skew osteogenesis in ceramic-based bone substitutes"

                        Nada Rahmani

                        University Medical Center Utrecht, Netherlands


1:50 pm           Lunch and Informal Discussion


7:30 pm           Dinner and Informal Discussion


Monday May 16, 2022

8:00 am     Breakfast


Chair: Yongwon Choi/ Georg Schett


9:00 am:          “Joint pain: a conversation between nerves, bone, and immune cells?”
                        Anne Marie Malfait

                        Rush Medical College, USA 

9:40 am           “Elucidating the Osteoimmunology of S. aureus Bone Infection and Development of a Vaccine”

                        Edward Schwarz

                        University of Rochester Medical Center, USA

10:20 am:        “Parsing the paradoxical pyroptotic and osteoclastogenic fates of macrophages”
                        Gabriel Mbalaviele

                        Washington University, USA


11:00 am         Coffee Break


11:30 am         “Pathways inducing resolution of inflammatory bone loss”

                        Aline Bozec

                        University of Nuremberg-Erlangen, Germany 

Short Talks


12:10 pm         "Phosphatidylserine exposure and caspase activation regulate osteoclast fusion and bone homeostasis"

                        Brenda Krishnacoumar

                        Leibniz Institute for Analytical Sciences - ISAS, Germany

12:30 pm         "Deletion of transferrin receptor 2 (Tfr2) promotes macrophage activation and aggravates inflammation in serum transfer-induced arthritis"

                        Maria G.  Ledesma-Colunga

                        Department of Medicine III & Center for Healthy Aging, TU Dresden, Germany

12:50 pm         "De novo steroidogenesis in tumor cells promotes osteoclastogenesis and bone metastasis formation"

                        David Gyori

                        Semmelweis University, Hungary

1:10 pm           "Notch signal modulates phenotype and function of osteoclasts differentiated from common trilineage myeloid progenitor under inflammatory conditions"

                        Danka Grcevic

                        University of Zagreb, Croatia 

1:30 pm           "Longitudinal evaluation of Wnt inhibitors and comparison with others serum osteoimmunological biomarkers in osteolytic bone metastasis"

                        Emanuela Galliera

                        University of Milan, Italy                        


1:50 pm           Lunch and Informal Discussion


7:30 pm           Dinner and Informal Discussion 


Tuesday May 17, 2022


8:00 am           Breakfast


Chair: Lionel Ivashkiv/ Joseph Lorenzo


9:00 am:          “Inflammatory regulation of bone and joint tissue repair”
                        Lionel Ivashkiv

                        Weill Cornell Medical College, USA 

9:40 am           “An osteoclast - S. aureus vicious cycle in osteomyelitis”

                        Deborah Veis

                        Washington University, USA 

10:20 am:        “Bone loss in inflammatory arthritis”
                        Iannis Adamopoulos

                        Harvard Medical School, USA

11:00 am         Coffee Break


11:30 am         “Inflammatory bone destruction- a translational view”

                        Georg Schett

                        University of Nuremberg-Erlangen, Germany


Short Talks


12:10 pm         "Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and its influence on the bone structure and marrow cells"

                        Radost Sass

                        Julius-Wolff Institut,Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany 

12:30 pm         "Eosinophils control osteoclast-mediated bone loss via the secretion of eosinophil peroxidase"

                        Darja Andreev

                        University Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany 

12:50 pm         "The availability of serine is critical for osteoclast differentiation"

                        Markus Kieler

                        Medical University of Vienna, Austria 

1:10 pm           "Maxillo-mandibular Osteoimmunology - Hidden Fatty Degeneration in Jawbone Marrow as Interface to Systemic Inflammation?"

                        Johann Lechner

                        Praxisklinik Integrative Dentistry, Germany 

1:30 pm           "Cellular Heterogeneity and Cell-Cell Communication of Multinucleated Giant Cell Precursors" 

                        Melanie Hofmann

                        Medical University of Vienna, Austria


1:50 pm           Lunch and Informal Discussion

3:30 pm           City Tour

7:30 pm           Dinner and Informal Discussion


Wed May 18, 2022

8:00 am           Breakfast


Chair: Natalie Sims/Yongwon Choi


9:00 am:          “MALPs: a master regulator of bone marrow environment”
                        Ling Qin

                        University of Pennsylvania, USA

9:40 am           “New roles for G-CSF and neutrophils in controlling bone structure”

                        Natalie Sims

                        St. Vincent's Institute, Australia 

10:20 am:        “Studies of osteoclast lineage development in health and disease”
                        Joseph Lorenzo

                        University of Connecticut, USA


11:00 am         Coffee Break


11:30 am         “Identification of pathogenic tissue-resident macrophages visualized by intravital multiphoton imaging technology”

                        Masaru Ishii

                        Osaka University, Japan


Short Talks


12:10 pm         "Mimicking S. aureus response with combinational synthetic TLR-agonists for MSC osteogenesis in vitro"

                        Paree Khokhani

                        University Medical Centre, Utrecht , Netherlands

12:30 pm         "Regulatory T cells - the role of phenotypical properties during bone healing and regeneration"

                        Ann-Kathrin Mess

                        Julius Wolff Institute,Charité University Medicine Berlin, Germany

12:50 pm         "Reduction of mature B cells and immunoglobulins results in increased trabecular bone"

                        Engdahl Cecilia

                        University of Gothenburg, Sweden

1:10 pm           "ERa signaling in CXCL12-abundant reticular cells regulates trabecular bone in mice"

                        Julia Scheffler

                        University of Gothenburg, Sweden 

1:30 pm           "The influence of the early B cell protein lamda5 on bone homeostasis and aging"

                        Mohamed Khass

                        University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA


1:50 pm           Lunch and Informal Discussion


8:00 pm           Farewell Dinner


Thur May 19, 2022

8:00 am           Breakfast


12:00 pm           Departure