5th International Conference on Cytokines in Cancer

  • When: 05/14/2023 - 05/19/2023

  • Where: Kos, Greece

  • Conference Center: Grecotel Kos Imperial

  • Cytokines are critical factors in tumorigenesis, metastasis, and the therapeutic response. They promote or counteract malignant transformation and growth of cancer cells through cell autonomous effects on cell proliferation, survival and motility. Furthermore, cytokines are key factors in cellular communication in the tumor microenvironment and have major roles in inflammation, angiogenesis, stromagenesis and anti-tumor immunity.  This Aegean conference on cytokine signaling in cancer aims to bring together outstanding experts in fundamental and translational cytokine research to foster collaboration and knowledge in understanding cancer etiology, pathogenesis, and response to immunotherapies, along with devising novel cytokine-specific diagnostic approaches and treatment modalities. 

    Themes/topics that will be focused on are:

    1) Inflammation and cancer

    2) Cancer initiation, senescence and stemness

    3) Immunometabolism, epigenetics and signalling

    4) Cytokines as predictors of therapeutic response

    5) Cancer immunotherapy: autoimmunity and irAEs

    6) Enhancing cellular immunogenicity in therapy

    7) ILCs and innate immunity (incl. unique immune subsets)

    8) One Health (lessons from cytokines in other diseases)


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Open for Abstract Submission until: 04/02/2023
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