XVIIIth Congress of the European Shock Society and IXth Congress of the Int'l Federation of Shock Societies

  • When: 10/08/2019 - 10/12/2019

  • Where: Chania, Crete, Greece

  • Conference Center: Avra Imperial Hotel & Conference Center

  • Open the scientific world to shock research! 

    At this conference the ESS, in a joined effort with the ÍFSS, aims to bring together academic and clinical scientists around the world who are focused on contemporary and emerging aspects of shock research. 

    For the junior ESS members and students we will start with a Summer School on “Hemorrhagic Shock” on October 8, 2019. Teachers with extraordinary didactical skills will cover “shock” from the first definition to the complex clinical picture, including hands-on performances. To deepen the gained knowledge, we will also offer guided poster tours (10th October) by experienced scientists for small student groups to present the latest discoveries on selected topics within the meeting. 

    Hot topic key notes will be provided by world-known experts. Current topics with focus on trauma/hemorrhagic shock/sepsis discussed during the conference include: immune and organ responses, novel pathways, trauma modelling, comorbidities, novel therapies, long term effects, precision modeling, international shock research.

    The poster sessions will be a central part of the meeting and will be presented at prime times (late morning) when no parallel lecture is scheduled. 

    The established New Investigator Award Competition will be performed also as core of the program.

    Of note, multiple poster awards, travelling awards will be granted provided by ESS, IFSS, and Aegean Conferences.

    The corresponding shock societies (US, China, Japan, Russia, Latin-America) under the roof of IFSS will have their own sessions in a joined manner with ESS. A parallel session for Russian Shock SSSR will encourage Russian scientists and clinicians to present their work in their native language, synchronically translated for everybody in English. 

    In a common effort with ECTES, one session will especially try to get our clinicians back to shock research.

    One session will cover European Collaborative Shock Research efforts to provide an update and also orientation of highly internationally active Shock research groups.  

    Beyond this ESS/IFSS meeting, global research efforts will continue by the 2ndWiggers-Bernard-Meeting on Sepsis Modelling (on 12thOctober; by invitation only) to closer define and modulate guidelines for sepsis modelling with highest translational reliability and relevance.

    Overall, the meeting will be organizationally supported by Aegean Conferences. In accordance to their distinguished concept, all attendees, juniors and seniors, will meet any time without hierarchical structure and everybody enjoys the same meals and common social events without preservation or reservations, to encourage discussions and scientific exchange at all levels.

    We are looking very forward to welcoming you in Crete.


    On behalf of the ESS/IFSS


    Prof. Dr. Markus Huber-Lang - ESS President                                    

    Prof. Dr.Soheyl Barahmi- IFSS President

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Open for Abstract Submission until: 09/17/2019
Open for Travel Award Application until: 08/15/2019
Open for Registrations until: 10/01/2019
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