XVIIIth Congress of the European Shock Society and IXth Congress of the Int'l Federation of Shock Societies

Poster Presentations



Gas6 Attenuates Sepsis-induced Vascular Endothelial Hyperpermeability and Tight Junction Injury via Axl/NF-κB Signaling Pathway      

Ni Jingjing


Antagonism of the GLP-1 Receptor Worsened the Survival of a Mouse Model of Thermal injury by Inducing Immunometabolic Failure of Splenic T Lymphocyte

QINGHONG ZHANG, Ji-Wei Hao, and Yong-Ming Yao


Burn Injury Induces Long-Lasting Behavioral Alterations in Mice Resembling Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Humans

QINGHONG ZHANG, Ji-Wei Hao, and Yong-Ming Yao


Sengstaken–Blakemore tubes: A novel approach for management of intractable oronasal bleeding in patients with facial trauma

Sangchun Choi, Yoonseok  Jung, and Hagyun Song


The effect of FAM134B-mediated ER-phagy on immune function of dendritic cells under septic exposure

Chao Ren, Ren Yao, and Yong Yao


cardiac effects of zone I resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta in a severe swine shock model

Irene Polykratis, David Kauvar, David Schechtman, Rodolfo de Guzman, and Malcolm Prince


Longitudinal analysis of innate and adaptive immunity in immune-depressed mice following CLP-induced sepsis

Karine Lélu-Santolaria, Marie Baldazza, Nadine Kehrer, Alexei Evlachev, Clarisse Dubois, Geneviève Inchauspé, and Stéphane Leung-Theung-Long


Interleukin-36β activates autophagy of CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cell and inhibits its immunosuppressive activity in sepsis

Yun Ge


Interleukin-38 protects against sepsis by augmenting immunosuppressive activity of CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells

Yun Ge


Immune functional assay towards standardization

William MOUTON, Chloé  ALBERT-VEGA, Mathilde BOCCARD, Francois BARTOLO, Guy ORIOL, Jonathan LOPEZ, Alexandre PACHOT, Julien TEXTORIS, François MALLET, Karen BRENGEL-PESCE, and Sophie ASSANT-TROUILLET


A single dose of the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID; meloxicam) causes duodenal bleeding, acute kidney injury (AKI) and papillary necrosis in a rabbit model of hemorrhagic shock and hypotensive (prehospital) resuscitation

Bijan Kheirabadi, Nahir Miranda, Irasema Terrazas, Amber Voelker, Rodolfo de Guzman, Nathan Wienandt, Ammon Brown, and Michael  Dubick


Lithium chlorid prevents hippocampal injury in rat model of total ischemia-reperfusion

Irina Ostrova and Oleg  Grebenchikov


Relation of lactate levels from central venous, peripheral venous and arterial blood samples in septic patients in the Emergency Department. A case series.

Dimitrios Velissaris, Vasileios Karamouzos, Charalampos Gogos, and Menelaos Karanikolas


The role of qSOFA and LqSOFA scores as predictors of outcome in an elderly population with chest infection treated in the Emergency Department. A case series.

Dimitrios Velissaris, Vasileios Karamouzos, Menelaos Karanikolas, and Charalampos Gogos


High mobility group box 1 protein, Correlation with SOFA score and C reactive protein during sepsis: A preliminary study

Mouna Ben Azaiz, Ayachi jihen, Chihebeddine Romdhani, Mayssa Daiki, Ridha Oueslati, Iheb Labbene, Zied Hajjej, Ezzedine Ghezouani, and Mustapha Ferjani


Endogenous club cell (CC)16 protein, an intrinsic anti-inflammatory mediator, plays a protective role in sepsis-induced lung injury after chest trauma

Andrea Janicová, Philipp Störmann, Nils Becker, Baolin Xu, Sebastian Wutzler, Jan Tilmann Vollrath, Frank Hildebrand, Ingo Marzi, and Borna Relja


Treatment of carbapenem-resistant Klebsieila pneumoniae infection in burns

Jingning Huan


Relation between dynamic changes of platelet                                 counts and 30-day mortality in severely burned patients                                

Xiaoqin Huang


The effect of a single dose of paracetamol in a critical phase of sepsis: a sub-analysis of the PHANTASi trial

Rishi Nannan Panday, Michiel Schinkel, Tim Nutbeam, Nadia Alam, and Prabath Nanayakkara


Suppression of Pink1-dependent mitophagy results in immune dysfunction of splenic dendritic cells in sepsis

Guangju Zhao, You Wu, Yongming Yao, and zhongqiu Lu


Host immunosuppression and its precision modulation in postburn sepsis

Yong-ming Yao


Qiang Xin 1 Formula Prevents Cognitive Deficits and Affective Changes in Experimental Sepsis-Associated Encephalopathy

Xuerui Wang, Xiaolong Xu, Yuhong Guo, and Qingquan Liu


Electro-acupuncture attenuates cognitive deficits through an α7nAChR mediated anti-inflammatory pathway in septic mice

Yuhong Guo, Xuerui Wang, Xiaolong Xu, and Qingquan Liu


Genetic Polymorphism of Intron Region of NRF2 Gene and Course of Critical Illness Complicated with Sepsis

Vladimir Pisarev, AG Chumachenko, Evgeniy  Grigoryev, and Nikolay Karpun


Airway epithelial hepcidin coordinates lung macrophages and nutritional immunity against bacterial pneumonia

Hui Ye, Yang Yang, Sijin  Liu, Qiang Shu, Xiangming Fang, and Qixing Chen


Relation between door-to-CT time or door-to-bleeding control times with mortality in severe trauma patients: a retrospective study

Shuhei Murao, Kazuma Yamakawa, Takahiro Kinoshita, Yutaka Umemura, Daijiro Kabata, Ayumi Shintani, and Satoshi Fujimi


Differential interactions of IRAK-M mediated by a second interactive surface on the Death Domain provided by residue R97

Berke Gurkan, Cornelis  van't Veer, Liza Pereverzeva, Daniëlle  Kruijswijk, Jiangfeng Du, Nicolaes Gerry, Joost Wiersinga, and Tom van der Poll


Plasma Tenascin C levels in critically ill patients with or without sepsis

Mariska Meijer, Fabrice  Uhel, Olaf  Cremer, Marcus  Schultz, and Tom van der Poll


Small EVs mediate trauma-induced endothelial barrier destruction and neutrophil recruitment

Tanja Seibold, Jonathan Schönfelder, Peter Radermacher, Markus Huber-Lang, Stephan Paschke, Thomas Seufferlein, and Tim Eiseler


Inhıbition of soluble epoxide hydrolase prevents lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory hyperalgesia in mice: Contribution of NLRC4 Inflammasome, NLRC3, NOX, iNOS, and nNOS

Ali Cagli, Sefika Senol, Meryem Temiz-Resitoglu, Demet Guden, Ayse Sari, Seyhan Sahan-Firat, and Bahar Tunctan


Sphingosine-1-phosphate attenuates Shiga-toxin-2-induced endothelial barrier dysfunction in human microvascular endothelial cells

Antonia Lange, Nadine Krieg, and Sina Coldewey


Midkine is elevated after multiple trauma and acts detrimental on human cardiomyocytes via toll-like receptors

Ina Lackner, Birte Weber, Meike Baur, Melanie Haffner-Luntzer, Florian Gebhard, Ingo Marzi, Borna Relja, and Miriam Kalbitz


Role of the non-canonical NF-κB signalling pathway in the development of acute kidney injury in Shiga-toxin-2-induced haemolytic-uraemic syndrome in mice

Isabelle Victoria Sobbe, Sophie Dennhardt, Nadine Krieg, Antonio Mestekemper, and Sina Coldewey


Correlation between Doppler derived carotid artery corrected flow time and pressure transducer derived radial artery flow time: Interim analysis from a prospective observational study

Souvik Maitra, Sulagna Bhattacharjee, and Dalim Baidya


Inhibition of PTP1B Promotes M2 Polarization via MicroRNA-26a/MKP1 Signaling Pathway in Murine Macrophages

Xiaolong Xu and QIngquan Liu


Indices of inflammation and oxidant stress after combined blast injury (B) and hemorrhage (H) in rats treated with complement inhibitors

Michael Dubick, Theo Thomas, Johnny  Barr, Zhangsheng Yang, and Yansong Li


Terlipressin versus norepinephrine for septic shock: a systematic review and meta-analysis 

Qingquan Liu and Xiaolong Xu


A modified macrolide enhances bacterial killing by immune cells while preventing excessive inflammation during pneumonia

Anno Saris, Alex de Vos, Michael Burnet, and Tom van der Poll


HMGB-1 and extracellular histones after multiple trauma: effects on the heart and therapeutic strategies

Birte Weber, Ina Lackner, Meike Baur, Florian Gebhard, Ingo Marzi, Borna Reja, and Miriam Kalbitz


Airway epithelial cell tet methylcytosine dioxygenase 2 (TET2) contributes to barrier integrity of the lung during pulmonary bacterial infection

Wanhai Qin, Xanthe Brands, Alex  F. de Vos, Brendon Scicluna, and Tom Van der poll


Secondary cardiac damage after long bone fracture is linked to elevated extracellular histones, systemic TNF and complement activation in mice and humans

Birte Weber, Ina Lackner, Florian Gebhard, Markus Huber-Lang, Hubert Schrezenmeier, Anita Ignatius, Melanie Haffner-Luntzer, and Miriam Kalbitz


Vendor associated differences in murine gut microbiota and its effect on lipopolysaccharide induced lung inflammation and Gram-negative pneumonia

Nora Wolff, Max Jacobs, Bastiaan Haak, Floor Hugenholtz, and Willem Wiersinga


The poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) inhibitor olaparib prevents PARP-1 activation and PARylation in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells without affecting reactive oxygen species and nitric oxide generation, and preserving killing activity

Sidneia Santos, Milena Brunialti, Ana  Liberatore, Ivan Koh, Francisco  Soriano, Csaba  Szabo, and Reinaldo  Salomao


Multiscale analysis of circulatory shock: lessons learnt from the EU project ShockOmics

Federico Aletti,  Vicent Ribas, Manuela Ferrario, Cristina Barlassina, Karim Bendjelid, Bernardo Bollen Pinto, Eliandre de Oliveira, Ricard Ferrer, Antoine Herpain, Erik Kistler, Roberta Pastorelli, Giuseppe Ristagno, Geert Schmid-Schoenbein, Gabriella Tedeschi, and Giuseppe Baselli


Mice with impaired Glucocorticoid Receptor function have aggravated hypotension and lung injury in acute and chronic inflammatory models

Martin Wepler, Jonathan Preuß, Tamara Merz, Oscar McCook, Josef Vogt, Ulrich Wachter, Sandra Kress, Michael Gröger, Marina Fink, Michael Georgieff, Enrico Calzia, Ute Burret, Peter Radermacher, Jan Tuckermann, and Sabine Vettorazzi


Dynamics of meropenem concentration in blood and cerebrospinal fluid in patients with posttraumatic  meningoencephalitis complicated with septic shock

Artem Kuzovlev and Aslan Shabanov


Effect of aerobic glycolysis on neutrophil migration in septic mice and its mechanism

Xianzhong Xiao and Chuyi Tan


Organ damage-predictive changes in experimental sepsis

Attila Rutai, Bettina Zsikai, Szabolcs Tallósy, Marietta Poles, Dániel Érces, Andrea Szabó, Mihály Boros, and József Kaszaki


Detection of exhaled methane to recognize acute internal bleeding

Gabriella Varga, Anett Bársony, Brigitta Balogh, Lilla Zentay, Attila Rutai, Zoltán Varga, Mihály Boros, and Dániel Érces


Preserving neonatal survival and microbiome diversity in the face of lethal septic challenge through immune checkpoint regulator deletions

Michelle Wakeley, Eleanor Fallon, Elizabeth Reinhart, Damien Cabral, Peter Belenky, Chun-Shiang Chung, and Alfred Ayala


Molar teeth loss is associated with the loss of activities of daily living in critically ill patients: a retrospective cohort study

Yoshihisa Fujinami, Shigeaki Inoue, Masafumi Saito, Shouhei Ohyama, Yuko Ono, and Joji Kotani


The effect of antibiotic-induced gut microbiota disruption on LPS-induced acute lung inflammation

Max Jacobs, Nora Wolff, Floor Hugenholtz, and W Wiersinga


Disruptions of the intestinal microbiota are coupled with altered systemic cytokine production profiles in patients with community-acquired pneumonia 

Bastiaan  Haak, Xanthe Brands, Augustijn Klarenbeek, Natasja Otto, Daniël Faber, René Lutter, Brendon Scicluna, Tom van der Poll, and W. Wiersinga


DNA methylation dynamics and host defense mechanisms of monocytes during community-acquired pneumonia

Xanthe Brands, Bastiaan Haak, Natasja  Otto, Augustijn  Klarenbeek , Marja Jakobs, Daniël  Faber, Rene Lutter, W. Wiersinga, Tom van der Poll, and Brendon Scicluna


Inhaled methane reduces nitroxidative stress in a rat model of hypoxemic hypoxia

Marietta Poles, Szabolcs Tallósy, László Juhász, Tamara Horváth, Attila Rutai, Mihály Boros, and József Kaszaki


Detection of synovial mitochondrial respiratory changes with high-resolution respirometry in collagen-induced arthritis in rats

Tamara Horváth, Edina Butt, Bálint Baráth, Anett Márton, Petra Varga, Kurszán  Jász, Mihály Boros, and Petra Hartmann


Methane-enriched preservation solution improves graft function in experimental heart transplantation

Dávid  Jász, Kálmán  Benke, Ágnes Szilágyi, Eszter  Tuboly, Mihály  Ruppert, Tamás  Radovics, Bálint  Baráth, Anett  Márton, Mihály  Boros, and Petra Hartmann


Pneumonia and pulmonary function: from shared genetics to shared diseases and traits

Maryam Khadzhieva, Artem Kuzovlev, and Lyubov  Salnikova


Role of Bruton’s tyrosine kinase in myeloid cell-mediated innate immunity during pneumococcal pneumonia

Zhe Liu


Inhibition of N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors improves mitochondrial dysfunction in a rat model of sepsis

József Kaszaki, László  Juhász, Marietta Poles, Szabolcs Tallósy, Attila Rutai, Roland Fejes, Andrea Szabó, László Vécsei, and Mihály Boros


Comparative analysis of the host response to septic and non-septic shock

Fabrice Uhel, Brendon Scicluna, Hessel Peters-Sengers, Joe Butler, Hina Naz Khan, Lonneke van Vught, Olaf Cremer, Marc Bonten, Marcus Schultz, and Tom van der Poll


Experimental mono- and polytrauma induce alterations in cardiac glucose- and fatty acid transport 

Ina Lackner, Birte Weber, Klemens Horst, Borna Relja, Florian Gebhard, Markus Huber-Lang, Frank Hildebrand, and Miriam Kalbitz


FER Tyrosine Kinase shows Evidence of Positive Selection and is induced by Lipopolysaccharide in Alveolar Macrophages

Joe Butler, Hessel Peters-Sengers, Fabrice Uhel, Brendon Scicluna, and Tom van der Poll


fluorescence intensity dynamics of coenzymes NADH and FAD in skeletal muscle under anoxia (experimental study)

Anastasiya Babkina, Arkady Golubev, and Dmitry Sundukov


Inhibition of complement activation early after experimental polytrauma and hemorrhagic shock could be detrimental

Sonja  Braumueller, Shinjini Chakraborty, Markus  Huber-Lang, and Annette Palmer


Midkine is elevated after multiple trauma and acts detrimental on human cardiomyocytes via toll-like receptors

Ina Lackner, Birte Weber, Meike Baur, Melanie Haffner-Luntzer, Florian Gebhard, Ingo Marzi, Borna Relja, and Miriam Kalbitz


Inhibition of the effects of macrophage migration inhibitory factor reduces organ injury and dysfunction in a rat model of severe hemorrhage

Nikita Patel, Lara Stiehler, Noriaki Yamada, Christian Stoppe, Elisabeth Zechendorf, Daniel Hinkelmann, Sandra Kraemer, Borna Relja, Gernot Marx, Christoph Thiemermann, and Lukas Martin


Immune dysfunction-based stratification of septic shock patients: a proof-of-concept study



Histopathology revisited: How to quantify Organ Damage after experimental haemorrhagic Shock?

Christian Braun, Anke Schultze, Braumüller Sonja, Annette Palmer, Miriam Kalbitz, and Markus Huber-Lang


Leukocyte-endothelial interaction in infections: the role of IL1, TNF and IFN pathways

Kieu Le, Xiaojing Chu, Martin  Jaeger, Josee Plantinga, Leo Joosten, Mihai Netea, Yang Li, Jill Moser, and Vinod Kumar


Effect of pravastatin on microcirculation and mitochondrial function in colon and liver under septic and physiological conditions.

Anna Herminghaus, Katharina Gross, Jan-Joschua Ripkens, Theresa Tenge, Jan Schulz, Richard Truse, Christian Vollmer, Annika Raupach, Inge Bauer, and Olaf Picker


Acute pancreatitis: The pathway from local inflammation to systemic immune dysregulation

Dimitrios Sotiropoulos, George Renieris, Nikolaos Koliakos, Labros Sabrakos, and Evangelos Giamarellos-Bourboulis


Genetic deficiency of AMPKα1 exacerbates liver damage and is associated with downregulation of mitochondrial GRIM-19

Basilia Zingarelli, Vivian  Wolfe, Michael O'Connor, and Giovanna Piraino


Establishment of a novel murine abdominal trauma model

Annette Palmer


Inhibition of mammalian target of rapamycin (mTOR) improves neurobehavioral deficit and modulates inflammatory response after traumatic brain injury

Irene  Paterniti, Giovanna  Casili , Michela  Campolo, Marika  Lanza, Alessia  Filippone , Salvatore  Cuzzocrea , and Emanuela  Esposito


Neuroprotective effect of sodium propionate in neuroinflammation models

Emanuela  Esposito, Alessia  Filippone, Irene  Paterniti, Marika  Lanza , Giovanna  Casili, Michela  Campolo, and Salvatore Cuzzocrea 


Role of intracellular toll like receptors (TLRs) in the secondary events of traumatic brain injury 

Michela campolo, Marika lanza, irene paterniti, alessia filippone, giovanna casili, salvatore cuzzocrea, and emanuela esposito


Impact of infection on hepatic encephalopathy during cirrhosis

sana khedher, khaoula ben ismail, nasreddine foudhaili, amani khaled, and salem mohamed


Use of qSOFA score  for predicting prognosis in  patients admitted with decompensated liver cirrhosis

sana khedher, khaoula ben ismail, nasreddine foudhaili, amani khaled, and salem mohamed


The cellular switch of innate immune response elicitation in an in-vitro model of acute lung injury is modulated by IFN-γ and blocked by sumarine

Michael Fauler, Eva Wirsching, Holger Barth, and Manfred Frick


Outcome prediction of  sepsis due to severe pneumonia with adjunct corticosteroid therapy using pneumonia severity index score at a tertiary care teaching Hospital in Nepal

Rekha Sthapit, Ramesh Maharjan, Pankaj Pant, and Pratap Prasad


Complement Factor 5a evokes a Depolarization of Neutrophil Granulocytes which is impaired after experimental hemorrhagic Shock

David Messerer, Stefan Bernhard, Stefan Hug, Michael Fauler, Peter Radermacher, and Markus Huber-Lang


Dynamics of Inhaled Tobramycin Concentration in Blood Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid during Nosocomial Pneumonia

Artem Kuzovlev


CLP Sepsis Model in the Humanized Human IL-3/GM-CSF Knock-in Mice.

Tomasz Skirecki, Zuzanna Sipak, and Grażyna Hoser


Lactate as metabolic checkpoint of innate immunity

Judith Schenz, Markus Weigand, and Florian Uhle


Evaluation of novel biomarkers for early stratification of septic patients in emergency room (ER).

Sadaf Davoudian, Marina  Sironi, Matteo  Stravalaci, Antonio  Inforzato, Fatemeh  Asgari, Rita  Gomes, Carlo  Fedeli, Antonio  Desai, Antonio  Voza, Denise Comina, Chloe  Albert Vega , Sylvie  Pons, François  Mallet, Karen  BRENGEL-PESCE, Barbara  Bottazzi, Cecilia  Garlanda, and Alberto  Mantovani 


Intranasal Mycobacterium vaccae administration prevents stress-induced aggravation of dextran sulfate sodium (DSS) colitis

Mattia Amoroso, Elena Kempter, Tasnim Eleslambouly, Christopher Lowry, Dominik Langgartner, and Stefan Reber


Resuscitative strategy for severe hemorrhagic shock with coagulopathy using blood substitutes for platelets and red blood cells

Manabu Kinoshita, Kohsuke Hagisawa, Osamu Ishida, Hiroki Ishibashi, Hiromi Sakai, and Shinji Takeoka


In silico protein-protein interaction network analysis of common core gene expression in sepsis

Giuseppe Leite, Bianca  Ferreira, and Reinaldo Salomão


Intranasal Mycobacterium vaccae administration prevents stress-induced aggravation of dextran sulfate sodium (DSS) colitis

Mattia Amoroso, Elena Kempter, Tasnim Eleslambouly, Christopher A. Lowry, Dominik Langgartner, and Stefan O. Reber