16th International Conference on Innate Immunity


Friday, June 7




6:00 PM


Conference Registration




8:00 PM


Welcome Reception and Dinner




Saturday, June 8




8:00 AM






9:00 AM


Welcome and Opening Remarks






Myeloid Cells

Chairs: Georgios Hajishengallis and Liwu Li

9:10 AM


Interactions between diseased cells and macrophages

Peter Murray

9:30 AM


mTOR, metabolism, and macrophages in granulomatous disease

Thomas Weichhart

9:50 AM


Delineating functional macrophage phenotypes during defined stages of inflammatory tissue responses 

Karim Christian el Kasmi

10:10 AM


advances on the cytokine expression by human neutrophils

Nicola Tamassia, Francisco Bianchetto, Elisa Gardiman, Sara Gasperini, and Marco Cassatella

10:30 AM


When origin matters: redefining the plasmacytoid dendritic cell subset

Roxane Tussiwand




10:50 AM


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing






Infection, inflammation and disease

Chairs: Katerina Akassolgou and Roxane Tussiwand

12:00 PM


The baboon model of innate immunity against immunodeficiency virus infection

Veronica A Obregon-Perko, Vida Hodara, Jason Ladner, Amanda Marek, Laura Parodi, Bridget Fisher, Jeremy Glenn, Shelley Cole, Shelley Cole, Donald Sodora, Gustavo Palacios, and Luis Giavedoni

12:15 PM


An endoplasmic reticulum-resident protein detects endogenous molecular patterns in the extracellular space to induce type I IFN response against viral infection

Akinori Takaoka

12:30 PM


HECT E3 ubiquitin ligase-regulated Txnip degradation facilitates TLR2-mediated inflammation during group A streptococcal infection

Chia-Ling Chen, Po-Chun Tseng, Yee-Shin Lin, and Chiou-Feng Lin

12:45 PM


Formate signaling suppresses the host innate immune response during Shigella flexneri infection

Shelley Payne and Benjamin Koestler

1:00 PM


Inhibition of septic shock by sequential K63- and K48-linked ubiquitination of NLRP3 mediated by E3 ubiquitin ligases RNF125 and Cbl-b 

Juan Tang, Guoxin Lin, Hui Guo, and Jian Zhang

1:15 PM


Myeloid PTEN Promotes Obesity-Induced Insulin Resistance

Gernot Schabbauer




1:30 PM


Lunch and Informal Discussions




7:30 PM


Dinner and Informal Discussions

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Sunday, June 9




8:00 AM







Inflammatory Response Regulation

Chairs: Triantafyllos Chavakis and Vanja Lazarevic

9:00 AM


Novel tissue homeostatic functions of the secreted protein DEL-1

Xiaofei LI, Lydia Kalafati, Ioannis Kourtzelis, Tetsuhiro Kajikawa, Hui Wang, Jong-Hyung Lim, Triantafyllos Chavakis, and George Hajishengallis

9:20 AM


Molecular control of pathogenic neutrophil responses in inflammation

Irina Udalova

9:40 AM


Fibrin is a critical regulator of mucosal immunopathology 

Lakmali Silva, Thomas Bugge, and Niki Moutsopoulos

10:00 AM


A macrophage RNA switch connects inflammatory resolution to polarization

Margarita Chatzimike-Levidi, Panagiota Kafasla, George Giagkas, Margarita Andreadou, Marannia Saridaki, Sofia Gargani, and Dimitris Kontoyiannis

10:20 AM


The glycolytic by-product methylglyoxal is present in monocytes and granulocytes and has pro-inflammatory properties

Kristiaan Wouters, Xiaodi Zhang, Nordin Hanssen, Jean Scheijen, Jose van de Gaar, Margaux Fontaine, Matthew Streeter, David Spiegel, Erik Biessen, and Casper Schalkwijk

10:35 AM


Human dendritic cell subsets as master regulators of innate and adaptive responses 

Eynav Klechevsky




10:50 AM


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing





Junior investigator presentations

Chairs: Laurie Dempsey and Niki Moutsopoulos

12:00 PM


Innate recognition and clearance of diseased cells

Laura Lindenthal, Eva-Maria Eckl, and Peter Murray

12:15 PM


A spatial proteomic screen to identify novel components of the IFN response to virus infection

Colin Davies, Martin Potts, Dan Itzhak, Katie Nightingale, Alex Davies, Robin Antrobus, James Williamson, Georg Borner, and Mike Weekes

12:30 PM


Myeloid-derived suppressor cells in haploidentical hematopoietic stem cells transplantation as a new target to improve anti-tumor immune response

Tumino Nicola, Besi Francesca, Mariotti Francesca Romana, Pelosi Andrea, Ingegnere Tiziano, Di Pace Annalaura, Li Pira Giuseppina, Merli Pietro, Locatelli Franco, Vacca Paola, and Moretta Lorenzo

12:45 PM


Transcriptomic and phosphoproteomic profiling of ligand-selective activation of innate immunity

Andrew Mendiola, Gayathri Muthukumar, Jae Ryu, Jeffrey Johnson, Nevan Krogan, and Katerina Akassoglou

1:00 PM


Cysteinyl leukotrienes promote burn wound healing

Alan Nguyen, Jaykumar Bhatt, Sofia Caryotakis, Marilyn Wang, Nagendra Rai, and Athena Soulika

1:15 PM


Innate γδ-T cells initiate disease pathogenesis in a mouse model of systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis, an autoinflammatory immune disorder

Bert Malengier-Devlies, Hanne Engels, Maya Imbrechts, Jessica Vandenhaute, Tania Mitera, Nele Berghmans, Oliver Burton, and Patrick Matthys

1:30 PM


Glucocorticoid regulation of Innate Lymphoid Cells

Linda Quatrini, Elisabeth Wieduwild, Bertrand Escaliere, Eric Vivier, Sophie Ugolini, and Lorenzo Moretta

1:45 PM


Circulating ILCP regulate endothelial cell activation through NF-kB

Giulia Vanoni, Pedro Romero, Camilla Jandus, and Sara Trabanelli




2:00 PM


Lunch and Informal Discussions




7:30 PM


Dinner and Informal Discussions

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Monday, June 10




8:00 AM









Chairs: Mihai Netea and Dimitris Kontoyiannis

9:00 AM


Fibrinogen in microglia-mediated spine elimination and cognitive impairment: from mechanisms to therapies 

Katerina Akassoglou

9:20 AM


Heterogeneity of myeloid cells in the brain

Marco Prinz

9:40 AM


Involvement of innate immunity in CNS autoimmunity

Mari Shinohara

10:00 AM


Neuroinflammation after surgery: from mechanisms to therapeutics.

Niccolo Terrando

10:20 AM


High throughput scRNA-Seq analysis reveals meningeal-specific transcriptomic signature of T-bet-dependent NKp46+ innate lymphoid cells (ILCs) during neuroinflammation

Vanja Lazarevic

10:40 AM


Peripheral responses to brain and intestinal immunogens amplify stroke severity

Katrin Andreasson, Qingkun Liu, Emily Johnson, Qian Wang, Michelle James, and Christoph Muller




11:00 AM


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing






Chairs: Katrin Andreasson and Marco Cassatella

12:00 PM


Innate immunity and cancer: A double edged sword

Alberto Mantovani

12:20 PM


Uncoupling protein 2 reprograms the tumor microenvironment supporting the anti-tumor immune cycle

Ping-Chih Ho

12:40 PM


Type I interferons as a key link between innate immunity and genome integrity

Serge Fuchs

1:00 PM


Dendritic cell diversity and intercellular communication in the human tumor microenvironment

Vassili Soumelis

1:20 PM


Simultaneous targeting of cancer and immune cell metabolism: Atopical approach

Olaf Groß

1:40 PM


Circulating Neutrophil Subsets In Advanced Lung Cancer

Carsten Krieg, Merav Shaul, Ophir Eyal, Silvia Guglietta, Pazzit  Damti, Asaf Zlotnik, Ester Forkosh, Liran Levy, Lukas Weber, Yonathan Levin, Alon Pomerantz, Hovav Nechushtan, Evgeniy  Eruslanov, Steven Albelda, Mark Robinson, and Zvi Fridlender




2:00 PM


Lunch and Informal Discussions




3:30 PM


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7:30 PM


Dinner and Informal Discussions

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Tuesday, June 11




8:00 AM







Cell plasticity and reprogramming

Chairs: Peter Murray and Irina Udalova

9:00 AM


Trained granulopoiesis

Triantafyllos Chavakis

9:20 AM


Metabolic and Epigenetic Reprogramming in Trained Immunity 

Mihai Netea

9:40 AM


Neutrophil re-programming dynamics modulates inflammation resolution during the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis

Liwu Li

10:00 AM


Principles of signal integration and functional reprogramming in macrophages

Renato Ostuni

10:20 AM


Innate mechanism of phagocytosis of eryptotic red blood cells requires protein S and non-inflammatory (M2) macrophages 

Selena Cen, Laura Gromolard, Beth Binnington, Syed Qadri, Dhruva Dwivedi, Patricia Liaw, William Sheffield, and Donald Branch

10:35 AM


Blocking immunoinhibitory receptor reprograms tumor-associated myeloid cells and promotes antitumor immunity

Shu-Hsia Chen, Ping-Ying Pan, and Hui-ming chen




10:50 AM


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing





Inflammation and disease

Chairs: Alberto Mantovani and Mari Shinohara

12:00 PM


Reproducibility standards and reporting at Nature Research Journals

Laurie Dempsey

12:20 PM


Necroinflammation in Acute Organ Injury and Transplantation

Andreas Linkermann

12:40 PM


Cigarette smoke-induced reduction of C1q promotes emphysema 

Farrah Kheradmand 

1:00 PM


NK cell-based tumor therapies 

Lorenzo Moretta, P Vacca, F. Locatelli, and MC Mingari

1:20 PM


CD5L attenuates liver fibrosis by inhibiting hepatic stellate cell activation and immune infiltration 

Cristina Bárcena, Gemma Aran, Lucía Sanjurjo, Érica Téllez, Helena Masnou, Leonor Kremer, Margarita Sala, Carolina Armengol, Pau Sancho-Bru, and Maria-Rosa Sarrias

1:35 PM


Polymorphonuclear neutrophils and regulatory T Lymphocytes (Treg) cooperate to sustain Treg activity but this interaction is altered in rheumatoid arthritis patients

Maxime Batignes, François Santinon, Marie-Christophe Boissier, Natacha Bessis, and Patrice Decker




1:50 PM


Closing Remarks


2:00 PM


Lunch and Informal Discussions




8:00 PM


Farewell Dinner




Wednesday, June 12




8:00 AM












E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Cbl-b Inhibits the Development of Innate Lymphoid Cells and Airway Inflammation

Hui Guo


Dengue virus inhibits type-I interferon signaling by integrin-linked kinase

Chih-Peng Chang, Yi-Sheng Kao, Po-Chun Chang, and Yee-Shin Lin


Role of osteopontin in T cell-mediated Graft versus host disease (GvHD)

Nupur Aggarwal, Elizabeth Deerhake, and Mari Shinohara


Caspase mediated cleavage of Beclin-1 inactivates autophagy and promotes apoptosis during dengue virus infection

Shu-Wen Wan, Zi-Yi Lu, and Chih-Peng Chang


Meta-Map of Innate Immunity Response in Cancer Applied for Analysis of Innate Immune Cells Heterogeneity in Tumors

Maria Kondratova, Urszula Czerwinska, Andrei Zinovyev, Emmanuel  Barillot, and Inna Kuperstein


Extracellular RNA controls natural bypass growth by inducing sterile inflammation

Manuel Lasch, Eike Kleinert, Sarah Meister, Kumaraswami Konda, Judith Buchheim, Tobias Grantzow, Thomas Lautz, Silvia Fischer, Kerstin Troidl, Ingrid Fleming, Anna Randi, Markus Sperandio, Klaus Preissner, and Elisabeth Deindl


Mechanism of oxidative stress-induced mast cell apoptosis in response to granule permeabilization.

Aida Paivandy, Jens Eriksson, Fabio  Melo, Mikael Sellin, and Gunnar Pejler


Internalization of bacteria and activation of glycogen synthase kinase 3 beta are necessary for Group A Streptococcus-induced macrophage death

Nina Tsao, Miao-Huei Cheng, For-Wai Wong, and Chih-Feng Kuo


Effects of selective COX-2 inhibitor celecoxib in group A streptococcal infection

Chih-Feng Kuo, Yin-Chen Shen, Yu-Ting  Hung, and Nina Tsao


Pathogenetic mechanisms of the receptor-dependent signaling pathway of apoptosis in acne

Olga Demina


Immunogenic potential and protective efficacy of a sptP deletion mutant of Salmonella Enteritidis as a live vaccine for chickens against a lethal challenge

Yaxin Guo, Ying Xu, Xilong Kang, Dan Gu, Yang Jiao, Chuang Meng, Xiaohai Wang, Cuiying Huang, Shizhong Geng, Xinan Jiao, and Zhiming Pan


The origin of afucosylated IgG responses in humans

Myrthe Sonneveld, E de Graaf, H Plomp, Suvi Natunen, Carolien Koeleman, Susanna Sainio, Neeltje Kootstra, Hans Zaaijer, Manfred Wuhrer, C van der Schoot, and Gestur Vidarsson


MicroRNA-5112 targets IKKγ to dampen the inflammatory response and improve clinical symptoms in both bacterial infection and inflammatory bowel disease

Xilong Kang, Yang Jiao, Yingying Zhou, Chuang Meng, Xiaohui Zhou, Meihua Zhang, Li Song, Zhiming Pan, and Xinan Jiao


ROS is the boss, modulation of phagocytotic activity and NET formation by reactive oxygen species 

Jonas Hahn


STAT3 regulates type I IFN-mediated antiviral response to EV71 infection by interfering nuclear entry of STAT1 

Huanru Wang, Meng Yuan, Shuaibo Wang, Li Zhang, and Zhiwei Wu


The optimized fusion protein HA1-2-FliC△D2D3 promotes mixed Th1/Th2 immune responses to influenza H7N9 with low induction of systemic proinflammatory cytokines in mice

Li Song, Dan Xiong, Xilong Kang, Yang Jiao, Xiaohui Zhou, Kaiyue Wu, Yi Zhou, Xinan Jiao, and Zhiming Pan


High glucose prompts poly(A)-binding protein-mediated translation to worsen dengue virus infection

Ting-Jing Shen, Chia-Ling Chen, Tsung-Ting Tsai, Ming-Kai Jhan, and Chiou-Feng Lin


Pellino3 protein is engaged in RIG-I dependent VSV antiviral response.

Patryk Reniewicz, Anna Kula, and Jakub Siednienko


Pharmacological effects of CDK4/6 inhibitor on neutrophilic inflammation

Hsin Hui Tseng, Po Jen Chen, and Tsong Long Hwang 


Viral nonstructural protein 1 correlates high mobility group box-1 intracellular translocation and clinical severity in acute dengue infection

Tzong-Shiann Ho, Shih-Min Wang, Chih-Peng  Chang, Yee-Shin Lin, Trai-Ming Yeh, and Ching-Chuan Liu


Pentraxin3 plays an important role in defense against Klebsiella pneumoniaeinfection

Fatemeh Asgari, Nadia Polentarutti, Sadaf Davoudian, Raffaella Parente,Fabio Pasqualini, Supino Domenico, Matteo Stravalaci, Chiara Perucchini, Marina Sironi, Barbagallo Marialuisa, Remi Porte,Sebastian Jaillon, Alberto Mantovani, and Cecilia Garlanda


CTLA-4 Polymorphisms: Influence on transplant-related mortality and survival in children undergoing allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Bernd Gruhn, Susan Wittig, and Judith Hammrich


Novel facets of innate immunity revealed by temporal proteomic examination of vaccinia virus infection

Lior Soday, Jonas Dutra-Albarnaz, Yongxu Lu, Robin Antrobus, Colin Davies, Geoffrey  Smith, and Michael Weekes


The role of coagulation factors expressed on monocyte derived macrophages

Hannes Datler, Andrea Vogel, Martina Kerndl, Julia Brunner, Melanie Hofmann, Laszlo Musiejovsky, Christina Baumgartinger, Josè Basilio, Georg Obermayer, Christoph Binder, Omar Sharif, and Gernot Schabbauer


Antibiotic treatment changes the susceptibility to Imiquimod-induced skin inflammation

Zuzana Stehlikova, Petra Hermanova, Klara Kostovcikova, Martin Kostovcik, Iva Novosadova, Pavel Rossmann, Katerina Juzlova, Filip Rob, Jana Hercogova, Tomas Hudcovic, Jiri Dvorak, Petra Prochazkova, Miloslav Kverka, Helena Tlaskalova-Hogenova, and Zuzana Jiraskova Zakostelska


Intestinal sympathetic denervation induces M2 macrophage polarization and ameliorates acute postoperative inflammation of the bowel wall

Shilpashree Mallesh, Ivan Kuzmanov, Reiner Schneider, Bianka  Schneiker, Mariola Lysson, Patrik Efferz, and Sven Wehner


In vitro cellular response to human gut mycobiome

Natalie Galanova, Lukas Bajer, Martin Kostovcik, Miroslav Kolarik, Miloslav Kverka, and Klara Kostovcikova


Memory cell identification after vaccination against anthrax

Ivan Dyatlov, Victoria Firstova, Kartseva Alena, Silkina Marina, Zeninskaya  Nataliya, and Shemyakin Igor


Binding of IFI16 to LPS variants with weak immunostimulatory activity enhances cytokine production via TLR4

Andrea Iannucci, Valeria Caneparo, Valentina Salogni, Santo Landolfo, Marisa Gariglio, and Marco De Andrea


The role of NADPH oxidase produced ROS in murine model of autoinflammatory osteomyelitis 

Jarmila Kralova, Ales Drobek, Jan Prochazka, Frantisek Spoutil, Daniela Glatzova, Simon Borna, Pavla Angelisova, Tereza Skopcova, Jana Pokorna , Radislav Sedlacek, and Tomas Brdicka 


PTEN expression affects the outcomse of human hepatocellular carcinoma via modulating the tumor microenvironment

Pey-Ru Lin, Po-Lin Tseng, Ming-Hong  Tai, and Tsung-Hui  Hu


Type 1 piliated uropathogenic E. coli increase adhesion and reduce migration of dendritic cells by affecting the expression of CD14 receptor and integrins.

Kathrin Tomasek, Calin Guet, and Michael Sixt


TNFAIP3 regulates Cutibacterium acnes-induced innate immune and inflammatory events in human epidermal keratinocytes

Lilla Erdei, Beáta Szilvia Bolla, Renáta Bozó, Gábor Tax, Edit Urbán, Lajos Kemény, and Kornélia Szabó


Boosting antibiotics with an intranasal TLR5 agonist to fight antibiotic-resistant pneumonia 

Laura Matarazzo, Fiordiligie Casilag, Rémi Porte, Frederic Wallet, Delphine Cayet, Christelle Faveeuw, Christophe Carnoy, and Jean-claude Sirard


Type-3 Secretion System- induced pyroptosis protects Pseudomonas against cell-autonomous immunity

Rémi Planes, Elif Eren, Etienne Meunier, Pierre-Jean Bordignon, Julien Buyck, Andre Colom, Petr Broz, and Olivier Neyrolles


Pathological implications of miR-210 expression in macrophage responses

Federico Virga, Anne-Theres Henze, Federica Cappellesso, Benoit Stijlemans, Jolien Vandewalle, Lorenzo Archetti, Carla Domingo, Pietro Ortelli Damya Laou, Claude Libert, i Mircea Ivan, Daniela Taverna, and Massimiliano Mazzone


MMTV Rem acts as an antagonist of activation-induced Cytidine Deaminase independent of Virion Packaging

Gurvani Singh, Hyewon Byun, Mary Lozano, and Jaquelin Dudley


Live probiotic Escherichia coli Nissle 1917 prevent experimental autoimmune uveitis in T-cell independent mechanism

Alena Fajstova, Stepan Coufal, Otakar Dusek, Petra Svozilkova, Jarmila Heissigerova, Johan Slemin, Tomas Hrncir, Miloslav Kverka, Helena Tlaskalova-Hogenova, Aneta Klimova, and Michaela Brichova


Evaluation of PTX3 and sIL-1R2 for early detection of septic patients

Sadaf Davoudian, Sonia Valentino, Roberto Leone, Matteo Stravalaci, Antonio Inforzato, Fatemeh Asgari, Rita Gomes, Carlo Fedeli, Denise  Comina, Antonio Desai, Antonio Voza, Barbara Bottazzi, Cecilia Garlanda, and Alberto Mantovani


Reconnaissance neutrophils survey lymph nodes at steady state

Ania Bogoslowski, Paul Kubes, Sathi Wijeyesinghe, David Masopust, Chien-Sin  Chen, and Christoph Scheiermann


Released Tryptophanyl-tRNA Synthetase stimulates Innate Immune Responses Against Viral Infection

Jong-Soo Lee


Nuclear Receptor SHP Negatively Modulates the Virus-Mediated Antiviral Immune Response

Jong-Soo Lee


The Regulatory Function of CGI03 in Production of NADPH Oxidase-induced ROS

Jong-Soo Lee


Modulation of Host Type I IFN Signaling by Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus 2B

Jong-Soo Lee


Role of cellular metabolism in the regulation of microglia - mediated neuroinflammmation 

Georgia Fodelianaki, Canelif Yilmaz, Anupam Sinha, Nicola Zamboni, Peter Mirtschink, Triantafyllos Chavakis, and Vasileia Ismini Alexaki


Which signals initiate the early antibody response in germ-free mice during infection?

Klara Kubelkova, Zuzana Krocova, and Ales Macela


Hydroxylation of Mannose binding lectin is mediated by collagen prolyl hydroxylase and can be inhibited by PHD inhibitor, Roxadustat

Vijesh Bhute, James Harte, and Patrick Maxwell


Chemerin derived peptide p4: understanding mechanisms of antimicrobial activity

Urszula Godlewska, Bernadetta Bilska, Piotr Brzoza, Elżbieta Pyza, and Joanna Cichy


Differences in the composition of innate immune factors in colostrum and mature milk from women who gave birth prematurely and on time

Marcin Bartlomiejczyk, Marcin Stanczak, Aleksandra Molas, Wesolowska A, Maciej Banach, and Wojciech Fendler


The role of bacteria and HLA-B27*05 allele in the pathogenesis of spondyloarthritis

Aigul Sharip, Christian Schönbach, Vyacheslav Adarichev, and Jeannette Kunz


The role of acute phase proteins in regulating innate immunity in response to infections

‪Mutaib Mashraqi‏


Effect of atorvastatin on the rho-kinase (ROCK) pathway and the polarization of human macrophages infected with Trypanosoma cruzi (T. cruzi)

Fabiola Gonzalez-Herrera, Daniela Guzman-Rivera, Christian Castillo, Michel Lapier, Raul Vivar, and Juan Diego Maya


c-MYC mediates increased expression of hepatic PCK2 in inflammation

Anke Witt, Paul Heller, Eman Hagag, Bozena Kesic, Bettina Gercken, Peter Mirtschink, and Triantafyllos Chavakis


The long pentraxin PTX3 has a non-redundant role in the control of Streptococcus pneumoniae invasive infections

Remi Porte, Raffaella Parente, Rita Gomez, Marina Sironi, Fabio Pasqualini, Camilla Recordati, Andrea Doni, Tom van der Poll, Cecilia Garlanda, Barbara Bottazzi, and Alberto Mantovani