15th International Conference on Innate Immunity in memory of Alessandro Moretta

Preliminary Program

Monday, June 18


6:00 PM


Conference Registration


8:00 PM


Welcome Reception and Dinner


Tuesday, June 19


8:00 AM




9:00 AM


Welcome/opening remarks & conference dedicated to Alessandro Moretta- Introduction by Simona Sivori




NK cells and ILCs

Chairs: Alberto Mantovani and Marco Cassatella

9:20 AM


NK cells and their receptors: a tribute to Alessandro Moretta and his groundbreaking discoveries

Lorenzo Moretta

9:40 AM


Novel mechanisms regulating NK cell-mediated immunity

Greta Guarda

10:00 AM


T-bet-dependent NKp46+ innate lymphoid cells regulate the onset of TH17-induced neuroinflammation

Brandon Kwong, Rejane Rua, Yuanyuan Gao, John Flickinger Jr, Yan Wang, Michael Kruhlak, Jinfang Zhu, Eric Vivier, and Vanja Lazarevic

10:20 AM


SIGN-R1 recognition of influenza virus by inflammatory DC promotes recruitment and activation of NK cells, which leads to the reduction of viral titters in trachea

Miguel Palomino-Segura, Yagmur Farsakoglu, Tommaso Virgilio, Diego Pizzagalli, Michael Carroll, Olivier  Neyrolles, and Santiago Gonzalez

10:40 AM


The role of RORα and innate lymphoid cells in mucosal inflammatory disease

Bernard Lo, Matthew Gold, Michael Hughes, Yanet  Valdez, Fumio Takei, and Kelly McNagny

11:00 AM


IL-1R8: a novel checkpoint regulating anti-tumor and anti-viral activity of NK cells

Martina Molgora, Eduardo Bonavita, Andrea Ponzetta, Federica Riva, Marialuisa Barbagallo, Sebastien Jaillon, Branka Popovic, Giovanni Bernardini, Elena Magrini, Francesca Gianni, Santiago Zelenay, Stipan Jonjic, Angela Santoni, Cecilia  Garlanda, and Alberto Mantovani


11:10 AM


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing



Infection and innate immunity

Chairs: Triantafyllos Chavakis and Niki Moutsopoulos

12:00 PM


Macrophage beta2 integrins promote IL-1β-dependent production of IL-22 by ILC3 and protect from lethal Citrobacter rodentium-induced colitis

Baomei Wang, Tetsuhiro Kajikawa, Xiaofei Li, Niki Moutsopoulos, Triantafyllos Chavakis, and George Hajishengallis

12:20 PM


Essential role of ATG proteins in cell-autonomous innate immunity to vacuolar pathogens

Masahiro Yamamoto

12:40 PM


Innate detection of microbial viability through bacterial RNA instructs follicular T helper cell differentiation

J. Magarian Blander

1:00 PM


Phagocytosis of Gram-negative bacteria requires the Toll-like receptor 4 adapter TRAM

Terje Espevik, Astrid Skjesol, Mariia Yurchenko, Lene Grøvdal, and Harald Husebye

1:20 PM


Glucose competition in systemic fungal infection causes macrophage death

Thomas Naderer

1:40 PM


Resources the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID/NIH) provides to the immunology community

Wolfgang Leitner


2:00 PM


Lunch and Informal Discussions


7:30 PM


Dinner and Informal Discussions

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Wednesday, June 20


8:00 AM





Regulation of Innate Immunity and Inflammation

Chairs: Giorgio Trinchieri and Vanja Lazarevic

9:00 AM


Immunoregulation by regulated amino acid metabolism

Peter Murray

9:20 AM


Activation of Ca2+ regulated pathways downstream of Pattern Recognition Receptors

Francesca Granucci

9:40 AM


Differential tissue functionalities of RNA controllers engaged under different inflammatory contexts

Margarita Chatzimike-Levidi, Fotis Ioakeimidis, Georgios Giagkas, Elina Christodoulou, and Dimitris Kontoyiannis

10:00 AM


Principles of nucleosomal organization in resting and activated macrophages

Marta Simonatto, Federico Comoglio, Sara Polletti, Iros Barozzi , and Gioacchino Natoli

10:20 AM


Functional mmyloids in innate immune signal transduction

Neal Silverman

10:40 AM


Structural insights into antibody-mediated complement activation by cryo-EM

Deniz Ugurlar, Stuart Howes, Thom  Sharp, and Piet Gros

11:00 AM


Structural basis for the recognition of nectin-like protein-5 (CD155) by the natural killer cell receptor, CD96

Gabrielle Watson, Felix Deuss, Zhihui Fu, Jamie Rossjohn, and Richard Berry


11:10 AM


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing



Inflammation and disease I

Chairs: Peter Murray and Joerg Koehl

12:00 PM


Type 2 immunity in epithelial regeneration and fibrosis

Thomas Wynn

12:20 PM


Fibrinogen in CNS innate Immunity and repair: From mechanisms to therapies

Katerina Akassoglou

12:40 PM


Host and fungal determinants of protective neutrophil recruitment in the fungal-infected central nervous system

Rebecca Drummond, Bernie Hube, Julian Naglik, Tobias  Hohl, and Michail Lionakis

1:00 PM


In situ VEGFR3 dependent neo-lymphangiogenesis in the inflamed Central Nervous System

Zsuzsanna Fabry

1:20 PM


Quantitative shotgun proteo-/transcriptomics shows how human regulatory T cells protect their identity

Derk Amsen, Eloy Cuadrado, Maartje van den Biggelaar, Jannie Borst, Sander de Kivit, and Manon Slot


1:40 PM


Lunch and Informal Discussions


7:30 PM


Dinner and Informal Discussions

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Thursday, June 21


8:00 AM






Chairs: Katerina Akassolgou and Mihai Netea

9:00 AM


Innate immunity and cancer: A double edged sword

Alberto Mantovani

9:20 AM


Advances on the role of slan+ monocytes in human tumors

William Vermi, Alessandra Micheletti, Giulia Finotti, Silvia Lonardi, and Marco Cassatella

9:40 AM


Autophagy orchestrates the functional properties of cancer-associated myeloid suppressor cells

Panayotis Verginis, AIkaterini Hatzioannou, and Themis A Lissafi

10:00 AM


Harnessing the single cell (immune-) proteome of cancer patients to predicts response and enhance immunotherapy

Carsten Krieg, Silvia Guglietta, Lukas Weber, Mark Robinson, Mitchell Levesque, Reinhard Dummer, John Wrangle, Mark Rubinstein, and Burkhard Becher

10:20 AM


Microbiota in carcinogenesis and cancer therapy

Giorgio Trinchieri

10:40 AM


Macrophages assist metastatic process through the regulation of endocytic pathway

Vincenzo Bronte

11:00 AM


Myeloid suppressor cells in haploidentical hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Nicola Tumino, Paola Vacca, Francesca Romana Mariotti, Francesca Besi, Giuseppina Li Pira, Pietro Merli, Franco Locatelli, and Lorenzo Moretta


11:10 AM


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing



Cell plasticity and reprogramming

Chairs: Laurie Dempsey and Dimitris Kontoyiannis

12:00 PM


Trained immunity: a memory for innate immune responses

Mihai Netea

12:20 PM


Myelopoiesis in the context of trained innate immunity.

Ioannis Mitroulis, George Hajishengallis, Mihai Netea, and Triantafyllos Chavakis

12:40 PM


Dynamic decision-making of innate leukocytes during the pathogenesis of chronic disease

Liwu Li

1:00 PM


Bacteria-trained lymphocytes as next generation of cancer immunotherapies

Aranzazu Cruz-Adalia and Esteban Veiga

1:20 PM


Metabolic and epigenetic regulation of macrophage activation under the control of Akt kinases

Eleftheria Ieronymaki, Konstantina Lyroni, Maria Daskalaki, and Christos Tsatsanis

1:40 PM


Macrophage plasticity and their pro-resolving action is altered in multiple sclerosis

Alessandro Leuti, Maria  Albanese, Luca Battistini, Diego Centonze, Charles Serhan, and Valerio Chiurchiu


2:00 PM


Lunch and Informal Discussions


3:30 PM


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7:30 PM


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Friday, June 22


8:00 AM





Microbiome in health and disease

Chairs: Georgios Hajishengallis and Markus Huber-Lang

9:00 AM


Microbiota-induced tonic type I interferons instruct a transcriptional, epigenetic and metabolic program that defines the basal state of dendritic cells

Andreas Diefenbach

9:20 AM


Microbiota-triggered Th17 mediate oral barrier immunopathology in mice and humans

Nicolas Dutzan, T Kajikawa, G Hajishengallis, S Holland, and Niki Moutsopoulos

9:40 AM


Alteration of the gut microbiota during influenza infection contributes to secondary bacterial infection

François Trottein

10:00 AM


An IL23-IL22 axis regulates intestinal microbial homeostasis to protect from diet-induced atherosclerosis

Aliia Fatkhullina, Iuliia Peshkova, Amiran Dzutsev, Giorgio Trinchieri, and Ekaterina Koltsova

10:20 AM


Engineering of next-generation antimicrobial peptides

Jefferson Shaw, Qingchun Shi, Ed Stover, Jeanette Velásquez Guzmán Velásquez Guzmán, Roel Rabara, Loan Huynh, Shujian Zhang, and Goutam Gupta

10:40 AM


NGP negatively regulates neutrophil production and function in infection

P Charles Lin


11:00 AM


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing



Inflammation and disease II

Chairs: Liwu Li and Michail Lionakis

12:00 PM


Circadian rhythm of pulmonary dendritic cells controls the development of experimental allergic asthma

Julia Kilian, Anna Kordwoski, Yves Laumonnier, Christiane Koch, Henrik Oster, and Jörg Köhl

12:20 PM


Early changes in innate immunity after polytrauma

Markus Huber-Lang, Peter Ward, and John Lambris

12:40 PM


Blockade of VEGF-A reduces the severity of granulomatous inflammation during mycobacterial infections

Matyas Sandor

1:00 PM


Protective role of mANT as a new innate regulator for sterile inflammation signaling

Akinori Takaoka

1:20 PM


Elevated levels of the homeostatic protein Del-1 in neonatal age impair neonatal innate immune responses and deteriorate the outcome of neonatal sepsis

Eleni Vergadi, Marianna Danopoulou, Konstantina Lyroni, Eleftheria Ieronymaki, Vassilia Alexaki, Eftichia Korakaki, Katerina Vaporidi, George Hajishengallis, Triantafyllos Chavakis, and Christos Tsatsanis

1:30 PM


Modulation of interleukin-22 alleviate respiratory viral infection by promoting epithelial intrinsic type I interferon response

Ran Wang, Steven Taylor, Md Moniruzzaman, Alice Chen, John Upham, Kirsten Spann, Michael McGuckin, Simon Phipps, and Sumaira Hasnain


1:40 PM


Closing Remarks


1:50 PM


Lunch and Informal Discussions


8:00 PM


Farewell Dinner


Saturday, June 23


8:00 AM





Construction, immune protection and innate immune response of shuffled polyvalent ompAs vaccines

Hui Li


L-valine-enabled elimination of multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens by phagocytosis

Xuanxian Peng


Early SIV and HIV infection promotes the LILRB2/MHC-I inhibitory axis in cDCs

Lamine Alaoui, Gustavo Palomino, Sandy Zurawski, Gerard Zurawski, Sixtine Coindre, Pierre Roques, Camille Lecuroux, Cecile Goujard, Christine Bourgeois, Nathalie Dereuddre-Bosquet, Bruno Vaslin, Roger Le Grand, Olivier Lambotte, and Benoit Favier


CD96 correlates to human NK cell exhaustion and predicts the prognosis of HCC patients

Cheng Sun


Migratory, inflammatory and matrix-remodeling macrophage subsets in atherosclerotic lesions

Klaus Ley


Pathophysiological mechanisms of innate immunity in the pathogenesis of acne

Olga Demina, Anatoly Kartelishev, and Elena Karpova


12-HETE mediates PGE2 production and COX-2 expression induced by a group IIA phospholipase A2 through ERK1/2 activation in macrophages

Vanessa Moreira, José Maria Gutiérrez, Bruno Lomonte, Marco Aurélio Vinolo, Rui Curi, Gérard Lambeau, and Catarina Teixeira


a viral immunoevasin controls innate immunity by targeting the prototypical natural killer cell receptor family

Oscar Aguilar, Richard Berry, Mir Munir Rahim, Johanna Reichel, Branka Popovic, Miho Tanaka, Zhihui Fu, Gautham Balaji, Timothy Lau, Megan Tu, Christina Kirkham, Ahmad Mahmoud, Aruz Mesci, Astrid Krmpotic, David Allan, Andrew Makrigiannis, Stipan Jonjic, Jamie Rossjohn, and James Carlyle


Recognition of host Clr-b by the inhibitory NKR-P1B receptor provides a basis for missing-self recognition.

Gautham Balaji, Oscar Aguilar, Zhihui Fu, Miho Tanaka, James Carlyle, Jamie Rossjohn, and Richard Berry


Targeted MS for antibody independent serum amyloid A (SAA) isoform profiling in sequential blood samples from experimentally infected pigs

Anna Leuchsenring


Effector functions of human monocyte-derived macrophages against P. brasiliensis are impaired by ethanol treatment

Lívia de Castro, Dennis Leandro da Silva, Ana Paula Dalla Costa, Kamila Mathias, Júlia Nunes, Ana Lúcia Galastri, Maria Heloisa Blotta, and Ronei Mamoni


Innate immune recognition of intracellular bacteria: Francisella as a model

Ales Macela and Klara Kubelkova


Myeloid STAT3 promotes compensatory hepatocyte proliferation after bile acid-induced liver damage

Sandra  Pfluegler, Jasmin Svinka, Birgit Strobl, Mathias Mueller, Valeria Poli, Claudia Fuchs, Michael Trauner, and Robert Eferl


A novel toxin-receptor interaction promotes pneumococcal invasion of the airways and evades host inflammatory responses.

Karthik Subramanian, Daniel Neill, HeshamMalak, Laura Spelmink, Shadia   Khandaker, Giorgia Marchiori, EmmaDearing, Alun Kirby, Marie Yang, Adnane Achour, Johan Nilvebrant, Per Nygren, Laura Plant, Aras Kadioglu, and Birgitta Normark


Asp299Gly polymorphism of the TLR4 gene is associated with a significant decrease of BK virus-induced hemorrhagic cystitis after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in childhood

Bernd Gruhn, Norman Klöppner, and Susan Wittig


JAK1 and JAK2 - the commander and the executer of NK cell function

Agnieszka Witalisz-Siepracka, Daniela Prinz, Klara Klein, Nicoletta Leidenfrost, Dagmar Gotthardt, and Veronika Sexl


Alveolar macrophages responses to pneumococcus are enhanced post pneumococcal nasopharyngeal colonisation and cross-talk with T cells further increases alveolar macrophages function

Elena Mitsi, Simon Jochems, Beatriz Carniel, Jesus Reine, Victoria Connor, Sherin  Pojar, Elissavet Nikolaou, Alessandra Schanoski, Kondwani  Jambo, Jamie Raylance, and Daniela Ferreira


Efficient enrichment of functional ILC subsets from human PBMC by immunomagnetic selection

Yanet Valdez, Stephen Kyei, Grace Poon, Andy Kokaji, Steven Woodside, Allen Eaves, and Terry Thomas


The phenotypic properties of microglia differ in transgenic mice with CNS production of interleukin-6 or interferon-alpha

Iain  Campbell, Phillip West, Michael Janitz, and Oleg Butovsky


Metabolic and epigenetic regulation of macrophage activation under the control of Akt kinases

Eleftheria Ieronymaki, Konstantina Lyroni, Maria Daskalaki, and Christos Tsatsanis


NKG2D: the good guy gone bad in leukemia surveillance

Daniela Prinz, Agnieszka Witalisz-Siepracka, Klara Klein, Nicoletta Leidenfrost, Dagmar Gotthardt, Eva-Maria Putz, and Veronika Sexl


Effects of carbohydrates on phagocytosis in Tetrahymena pyriformis

Joette Allen and Lynette Sigola


Parasitic antigens alter Kupffer cells polarization during Clonorchis sinensis infection mice

Eun-Min  Kim, Young Mee  Bae, Myung-Hee  YI, Ju Yeong  Kim, and Tai-Soon  Yong


Comparison of immune responses and airway resistance among Dermatophagoides farinae, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus, and Tyrophagus putrescentiae in a mouse model

Eun-Min  Kim, Young Mee Bae, Myung-Hee YI, Ju Yeong  Kim1, , and Tai-Soon  Yong


Profiling immune responses in AML by flow and mass cytometry

Anne-Sophie Chretien, Raynier Devillier, Cyril Fauriat, didier blaise, norbert vey, jacques nunes, hervé luche, marie malissen, and daniel olive


Early immune responses to modified vaccine strain Francisella tularensis SRI-1

Victoria Firstova, Vitalii Pavlov, Alena Pinchuk, Olga Kalmantaeva, Galina Vakhromeeva, Raisa Mironova, Tatjana Kombarova, Maria Sotnikova, Alexander Mokrievich, and Ivan Dyatlov


Effects of the oral pathogen porphyromonas gingivalis on the proteome of human neutrophils and macrophages

Tim Stobernack, Laura Palma Medina, Dillon Piebenga, Marines du Teil Espina, Andreas Otto, Thomas Sura, Dörte Becher, Anne de Jong, Arie Jan van Winkelhoff, Elisabeth Brouwer, Johanna Westra, and Jan Maarten van Dijl


Akt1 deficiency in macrophages facilitates Group B Streptococcal clearance via induction of oxidative stress and autophagy

Ourania  Kolliniati, Iosif Papafragkos, Christos Tsatsanis, and Eleni Vergadi


Tissue-intrinsic Eiger/TNF as a dual switch of intestinal stem cell divisions

Vasilia Tamamouna, Myrofora Panagi, Andria Theophanous, Maria  Demosthenous, Savvas Teloni, Maria Michael, Markella Papadopoulou, Chrysoula Pitsouli, and Yiorgos Apidianakis


IL-6, TNF-ɑ and NO regulatory effect of thioredoxin peroxidase from Clonorchis sinensis

Hae Joo Wi, Eun Min Kim, and Young Mee Bae


Duration of NF-κB activity in response to TNF is cell type dependent.

Wiktor Prus, Maciej Czerkies, Zbigniew Korwek, and Tomasz Lipniacki


A novel, non-enzymatic proinflammatory mechanism of gingipains, the major virulence factors of Porphyromonas gingivalis

Izabela Ciaston, Richard J Lamont, Barbara Potempa, Jan Potempa, and Joanna Koziel


Gingipains induce NETs formation yet protect Porphyromonas gingivalis against killing

Danuta Bryzek, Izabela Ciaston, Ewelina Dobosz, Sigrum Eick, Barbara Potempa, Jan  Potempa, and Joanna Koziel


Increased mycobacterial susceptibility and autoinflammatory phenotype due to combination of IFNGR1 and NOD2 mutations, case report and immune function analysis

Zuzana Paračková, Markéta Bloomfield, Petra Vrabcová, Adam Klocperk, Irena Zentsová, Michal Rataj, and Anna Šedivá


Intracapillary immune complexes recruit and activate slan-expressing CD16+ monocytes in human lupus nephritis

Florina Olaru, Thomas Döbel, Anke Lonsdorf, Alexander Enk, Hermann-Josef Gröne, and Knut Schäkel


Cardiac damage after experimental blunt chest trauma and multiple trauma with hemorrhagic shock

Miriam Kalbitz, Christian Braun, Birte Weber, Ina Lackner, Sonja Braumueller, Markus Huber-Lang, and Florian Gebhard


Development of a bioinformatics pipeline tool for the identification of potentially cross-reactive T cell epitopes

Emanuel Pusch, Kathrin Balz, Katharina Peuckert, Franz Cemic, Harald Renz, and Chrysanthi Skevaki


Dissecting the role of MS4A4A in the context of macrophages

Rita Silva-Gomes, Marina Sironi, Alessandro Fontanini, Matteo Stravalaci, Rémi Porte, Maria José Oliveira, Massimo Locati, Barbara Bottazzi, and Alberto Mantovani


Human NK cells instruct early stages of monocyte-derived dendritic cells development for the priming of type-17 CD8 T cells

Maria Clavijo-Salomon, Rosalba Salcedo, Soumen Roy, Helioswilton Sales-Campos, Rodrigo Das Neves, Karen Steponavicius-Cruz, Jonathan Badger, Amiran Dzutsev, Jose Barbuto, and Giorgio Trinchieri


Development of an optical biosensor assay for the label-free investigation of the interaction between complement proteases and endothelial cells

Márta Debreczeni, Inna Székács, Boglárka Kovács, András Saftics, Beatrix Péter, Sándor Kurunczi, József Dobó, Róbert Horváth, and László Cervenak


Role of Innate Lymphoid Cells (ILC) in malignant pleural effusions.

Paola Vacca, Stefania Martini, Laura Chiossone, Francesca Scordamaglia, Claudio Simonassi, Maria Cristina Mingari, and Lorenzo Moretta


Late development of FcepsilonRgamma neg adaptive NK cells upon HCMV infection in UCBT recipients

Letizia Muccio, Michela  Falco, Alice  Bertaina, Franco Locatelli, Francesco  Frassoni, Lorenzo Moretta, Alessandro Moretta, and Mariella Della Chiesa


PD-1 in human NK cells: Evidence of RNA isoforms and protein expression

Francesca Romana Mariotti, Paola Vacca, Tiziano Ingegnere, Nicola  Tumino, Francesca Besi, Stefania Petrini, Emanuela Marcenaro, Enrico Munari, Alessandro Moretta, and Lorenzo Moretta


Human CAR-NK cells: a new non-viral method allowing high efficient transfection and target cell killing

Tiziano Ingegnere, Paola Vacca, Francesca Romana Mariotti, Nicola Tumino, Francesca Besi, Concetta Quintarelli, Biagio De Angelis, Claudia Cantoni, Franco Locatelli, and Lorenzo Moretta


Conventional CD4+ T cells present bacterial antigens to induce cytotoxic and memory CD8+ T cell responses

Aranzazu Cruz Adalia, Guillermo Ramirez-Santiago, Jesus Osuna Perez, Monica Torres-Torresano, Virginia Zorita, Ana Martinez-Riaño, Viola Boccasavia, Aldo Borroto, Gloria Martinez del Hoyo, Jose Gonzalez-Granado, Balbino Alarcon, Francisco Sánchez-Madrid, and Esteban Veiga


Peripheral Blood derived CAR.CD19 NK cells: a tool to strengthen anti-leukemia response

Simona Carlomagno, Concetta Quintarelli, Simona Caruso, Biagio De Angelis, Franco Locatelli, Alessandro Moretta, Lorenzo Moretta, and Simona Sivori


The PD-1 immune checkpoint on human NK cells in normal and pathological condition

Silvia  Pesce, Marco Greppi, Giovanna Tabellini, Fabio Rampinelli, Silvia Parolini, Daniel Olive, Lorenzo Moretta, Alessandro Moretta, and Emanuela Marcenaro


Vitamin D status, parathyroid problems and immunity in secondary hyperparathyroidism, in dialysis patients

Merita Rumano, MirelaLika Çekani, Elvisa Rumano, and Anila Mitre


Identification and functional insights of GSTκ1 from big belly seahorse: Revealing its involvements in xenobiotic detoxification and innate immune responses  

Thiunuwan Priyathilaka Thanthrige and Jehee Lee


Molecular dissections of invertebrate TLR signaling pathway 

Thiunuwan Priyathilaka Thanthrige and Jehee Lee


Transfusion of stored red blood cells induces an altered immune response to subsequent bacterial infections and red blood cell transfusions

Lyla Youssef and Steven Spitalnik


Dnmt3a restrains mast cell inflammatory responses

Cristina Leoni and Silvia Monticelli


Fibrin is a strong activator of FXII

Kristina Ekdahl and Bo Nilsson