12th International Conference on Complement Therapeutics

Preliminary Program

Wednesday, June 12




6:00 PM


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8:00 PM


Welcome Reception and Dinner




Thursday, June 13




7:30 AM






8:50 AM


Welcome and Opening Remarks






Complement in cancer: molecular insights and therapeutic concepts

Chairs: Cecilia Garlanda and Ruben Pio 

9:00 AM


Complementing the Cancer-Immunity Cycle

Ruben Pio

9:20 AM


DuoHexaBody®-CD37, a Novel CD37-targeting Bispecific Antibody with a Hexamerization-enhancing Mutation, employs Complement Dependent Cytotoxicity (CDC) to Kill Patient-derived Chronic Lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) cells with unprecedented potency

Ronald Taylor, Margaret Lindorfer, Simone Oostindie, Erika Cook, Clive Zent, Richard Burack, Frank Beurskens, Paul Parren, Janine Schuurman, and Esther Breij

9:40 AM


Pro-tumoral role of Complement activation in murine sarcoma models

Elena Magrini and Cecilia Garlanda

10:00 AM


Targeting the complement system to improve radiotherapy

Monica Olcina, Stavros Melemenidis, Ryan Kim, Dhanya  Nambiar, Kerriann Casey, Rie von Eyben, Edward Graves, Quynh-Thu Le, Manuel Stucki, and Amato Giaccia

10:15 AM


Canonical and non canonical functions of C1q in cancer progression 

Marie Daugan, Rémi Noé, Carine Torset, Margot Revel, Isabelle Cremer, Catherine Sautès Fridman, Wolf Fridman, and Lubka Roumenina

10:30 AM


Anti gC1qR/p32/HABP1 monoclonal antibody therapy decreases tumor growth in an orthotopic xenotransplant model of triple negative breast cancer

Ellinor Peerschke, Elisa de Stanchina, Katia Manova-Todorova, Anne Savitt, Qing Chang, Ning Fan, Afsar Barlas, Sho Fujisawa, and Berhane Ghebrehiwet

10:50 AM


Development of tumor models to study normal tissue radioprotection by C5aR1 inhibition

Stavros Melemenidis, Monica Olcina, Ryan Kim, Amato Giaccia, and Edward Graves




11:05 AM


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing






Therapeutic development: novel complement inhibitors

Chairs: Daniel Ricklin and Marta Biedzka-Sarek

11:40 AM


An update on the clinical development of the compstatin-based drug candidate AMY-101

John D. Lambris, Edimara Reis, Daniel Ricklin, George Hajishengallis, Dimitrios Mastellos, and Despina Yancopoulou

12:00 PM


Fragment based discovery of novel small molecules which bind and inhibit C1r

Blake Rushing, Denise Rohlik, and Brandon Garcia

12:15 PM


Novel MASP-2 inhibitors developed via directed evolution of human TFPI1 are potent lectin pathway inhibitors

Dávid Szakács, Andrea Kocsis, Róbert Szász, Péter Gál, and Gábor Pál

12:30 PM


A sialylated, truncated soluble CR1 with improved potency and pharmacokinetics in vivo 

Yun Dai, David Leong, Peter Soupourmas, Sandra Wymann, Tony Rowe, Adriana Bazmorelli, Helen Cao, and Matthew Hardy

12:45 PM


Therapeutic Targeting of Complement Component 5 (C5): From Zilucoplan, a Clinical-Stage Allosteric Peptide, to First-in-Class, Orally Bioavailable Small Molecule C5 Inhibitors

Alonso Ricardo, Susan Ashwell, Petra Duda, Vincent Galullo, Ramin Farzaneh-far, Michelle Hoarty, Zhong Ma, Camil Sayegh, Kate Sherry, Yili Sun, Guo-Qing Tan, Jaya Tikhe, Douangsone Vadysirisack, Willmen Youngsaye, and Nanqun Zu

1:00 PM


SKY59 - a SMART C5 inhibitor

Marta Biedzka-Sarek, Barbara Klughammer, Zenjiro Sampei, Alexandre Sostelly, Kenji Shinomiya, Angelika Jahreis, and Christoph Bucher

1:20 PM


Development of LNP023, an oral complement Factor B inhibitor

Anna Schubart, Boerje Haraldsson, Julie Milojevic, Peter End and Irina Baltcheva

1:35 PM


“Ground control” of complement activation: Structure-activity relationship of the Factor H-binding peptide 5C6

Daniel Ricklin, Clément Bechtler, Sophia Koutsogiannaki, Christina Lamers, Katerina Zafirovska, Said Rabbani, Yiannis Sarigiannis, Avneesh Gautam, Yuji Teramura, Bo Nilsson, and John D. Lambris




1:55 PM


Lunch and informal Discussions




7:30 PM


Dinner and Informal Discussions

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Friday, June 14




7:30 AM







Structure, pathogens and mechanisms of multiple organ dysfunction

Chairs: Suzan Rooijakkers and Brian Geisbrecht

9:00 AM


Order and disorder in complement activation studied by cryo-EM

Gonzalo Obal Caballero and Piet Gros

9:20 AM


Exploring the functional consequences of conformational substates in C3b

Brian Geisbrecht

9:40 AM


Antibody-mediated killing of bacteria by complement

Seline Zwarthoff, L Aguinagalde, K Widmer, D Ugurlar, M Ruyken, G Vidarsson, F Beurskens, PC Aerts, CPM van Kessel, CJC de Haas, P Gros, D Ricklin, and Suzan HM Rooijakkers

10:00 AM


Structure-Function Relationships of Borrelial Classical Pathway-specific Complement Inhibitors

Ryan Garrigues, Charles Booth, Denise Rohlik, Blake Rushing, and Brandon Garcia

10:15 AM


Relationship of Complement and Histones to Adverse Events in Polymicrobial Sepsis and Potential Therapeutic Interventions

Peter Ward, Firas Zetoune, and Fatemeh Fattahi

10:35 AM


Complement C5a alters microvesicle shedding during polytrauma

Ebru Karasu, Julia Demmelmaier, Rebecca Halbgebauer, and Markus Huber-lang




10:50 AM


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing





Neurological and hemolytic disorders: targets and drug leads

Chairs: Lubka Roumenina and Trent Woodruff

11:30 AM


Therapeutic inhibition of the complement system in diseases of the central nervous system

Paul Morgan

11:50 AM


An evaluation of pharmacological tools for targeting the C5a receptor 1 (C5aR1)

Trent Woodruff, Xiang Li, Declan Gorman, Avril Robertson, John Lee, and Richard Clark

12:10 PM


Safely Quenching Complement in Stroke Subtypes (SUCCESS) Trial

E. Sander Connolly

12:30 PM


A protective role for complement C3aR activation in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

John Lee, Tanya McDonald, and Trent Woodruff

12:45 PM


Connecting monoclonal gammopathy to atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome 

Sophie Chauvet and Veronique Fremeaux-Bacchi

1:05 PM


Complement in intravascular hemolysis and sickle cell disease

Lubka Roumenina

1:25 PM


Proximal complement inhibition for Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria: it’s time to go

Antonio Risitano




1:45 PM


Lunch and informal Discussions




7:30 PM


Dinner and Informal Discussions

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Saturday, June 15




7:30 AM







Mechanisms of activation, regulation and crosstalk

Chairs: Anna Erdei and Peter Garred

9:00 AM


Regulation and inhibition of the lectin pathway of complement 

Peter Garred

9:20 AM


Cross-talk between the lectin and the alternative pathways of the complement system

Péter Gál

9:40 AM


Crosstalk between innate elemens and B cell responses: Complement receptor type 1 (CD35) inhibits TLR and TLR+BCR dependent functions of human B lymphocytes

Anna Erdei and Bernadett Mácsik-Valent

10:00 AM


Thiol Isomerase ERp57 targets and modulates the Lectin Pathway of Complement Activation

Oskar Eriksson, Joyce Chiu, Philip Hogg, John Atkinson, M. Kathryn Liszewski, Robert Flaumenhaft, and Bruce Furie

10:15 AM


Oligomerisation of the complement regulator, properdin

Ahmad Alzamami and Russell Wallis

10:30 AM


A direct link between complement and coagulation in thromboinflammation mediated by the lectin pathway 

Karin Fromell, Kristina  Ekdahl, and Bo Nilsson

10:45 AM


Complement C5 and Toll-like receptor 4 play key roles in Escherichia coli-induced tissue factor upregulation on human monocytes and for plasma activation of coagulation

Ole Brekke, Anne Landsem, Hilde Fure, Dorte Christiansen, Knut Lappegaard, Terje Espevik, and Tom  Mollnes




11:00 AM


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing





Complement in immune and inflammatory responses

Chairs: Joerg Koehl and Kip Connor

11:45 AM


C5a activates vacuolated inflammatory eosinophils to drive experimental allergic asthma 

Anna Wiese, Katharina M Quell, Fanny Ender, Konstantina Antoniou, Torsten Schröder, Tillman Vollbrandt, Jing Sun, Ibrahim Osman, Franziska Hoffmann, Peter König, Markus Huber-Lang, Simon Hogan, Yves Laumonnier, and Jörg Köhl

12:05 PM


C3-targeted host modulation in periodontitis

Hidetaka Ideguchi, Hui Wang, Kosuke Nagai, Tetsuhiro Kajikawa, Niki Moutsopoulos, John Lambris, and George Hajishengallis

12:25 PM


Higher gene copy number of complement C4B and elevated serum levels of complement are associated with hypertension and effective response of statins to reduce the progression of atherosclerosis in pediatric lupus

Chack-Yung Yu, Evan Mulvihill, Stacy Ardoin, Susan Thompson, Bi Zhou, Gakit Yu, Emily King, Nora Singer, Deborah Levy, Hermine Brunner, Yee Ling Wu, Haikady Nagaraja, and Laura Schanberg

12:40 PM


Cholesterol crystals enhance NLRP3 activation in a complement dependent manner in coronary and carotid atherosclerosis

Terje Espevik, Nathalie Niyonzima, Siril Bakke, Sverre Holm, Ida Gregersen, Øystein Sandanger, Hilde Orrem, Lars Gullestad, Geir Andersen, Jan Damås, Pål Aukrust, Bente Halvorsen, and Tom Mollnes

12:55 PM


Role of complement factor H-related protein 1 (FHR1) in sterile inflammation 

Sarah Irmscher, Silke Brix, Svante Zipfel, Luke Halder, Thorsten Wiech, Peter Zipfel, and Christine Skerka




1:10 PM


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3:30 PM


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Sunday, June 16




7:30 AM







Targeting complement in ocular and renal indications

Chairs: BaerbelRohrer and Veronique Fremeaux-Bacchi

9:00 AM


Retinal ischemia reperfusion injury is mediated by the alternative complement system 

Kip Connor

9:20 AM


Complement-directed Age-related Macular Degeneration is a Distinct Subset of the Disease: Gene-directed Therapeutics and Patient Stratification Will be Prudent Strategies for Future Clinical Trials

Gregory Hageman, Burt Richards, Chris Pappas, Robert Anstadt, Jin Liu, Brandi Williams, Nathan Seager, Larry Wheeler, Karen Curtin, and Jill Hageman

9:40 AM


Age-related macular degeneration and innate immunity: molecular crosstalk between the complement system and the long pentraxin 3

Matteo Stravalaci, Mario Romano, Raffaella Parente, Marco Gobbi, Rita Gomes-Silva, Barbara Bottazzi, Alberto Mantovani, and Antonio Inforzato

9:55 AM


The Role of Complement in the Pathophysiology, Prevention, and Treatment of Antibody Mediated Rejection in Solid Organ Transplants

Robert Montgomery

10:15 AM


The complex cellular basis of experimental complement-dependent acute kidney injury (AKI)

Richard Quiggand Lee Chaves

10:35 AM


Fluid-phase activation of the complement alternative pathway in MGRS-C3G

Yuzhou Zhangand Richard Smith




10:50 AM


Coffee Break and Poster Viewing





Complement biomarkers and diagnostics

Chairs: Anna Blom and Brendan Keating

11:20 AM


Identifying Complement Activation Pathways in Individual Cells of Kidney-Transplant Patients undergoing Biopsies using Single-Cell RNA-Sequencing 

Brendan Keatingand Brian Piening

11:40 PM


ELISA assay for measurement of plasma C4d levels.

Myriam Martin, Marcin Okroj, Anders Bengtsson, Andreas Jönssen, Karolina Smolag-Klosowska, Albin Björk, Tineke Kraaij, Sara Nilsson, Cees van Kooten, Onno Teng, Iva Gunnarsson, and Anna Blom

12:00 PM


Blood iC3b and iC3b:C3 ratio outperform traditional biochemical measures for monitoring disease activity and renal function in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)

Al Kim, Vibeke Strand, Deepali Sen, John Fu, Nancy Mathis, Robin Bruchas, Nicholas Staten, Paul Olson, John Atkinson, and Martin Schmidt

12:15 PM


A comprehensive and sensitive bioanalytical platform for monitoring C3 activation and C3-targeted inhibitors in clinical samples 

Dimitrios Mastellos, Edimara S. Reis, Nadja Berger, Justin Gumas, Sarah Hughes, Avneesh Gautam, Daniel Ricklin, Despina Yancopoulou, and John D. Lambris    

12:35 PM


Achievement of reliable results in complement research: Avoid the pitfalls by using appropriate methods and conditions.

Tom Eirik Mollnes




12:55 PM


Closing Remarks




1:10 PM


Lunch and Informal Discussions




8:00 PM


Farewell Dinner




Monday, June 17




7:30 AM











Truncated soluble Complement Receptor 1 sCR1[1392] shows improved in vitro potency compared to full-length sCR1

Matthew Hardy, Glenn Powers, Tony Rowe, Martin Spycher, and Sandra Wymann


Complement Factor H, FHL-1 and Complement Factor H-related Proteins Exhibit Altered Activity and Competition That Dictate the Degree of Protection or Risk in Chromosome 1-directed Age-related Macular Degeneration

Burt Richards, PhD, Jin Liu, PhD, Robert Anstadt, Jill Hageman, RN, Chris Pappas, and Gregory  Hageman, PhD


Simultaneous determination of activated C3 fragments and the terminal complement complex C5b-9 employing a label-free optical immunosensor

Panagiota Petrou, Dimitrios Mastellos, Sotirios Kakabakos, Dimitrios Goustouridis, Ioannis Raptis, and John Lambris