13th International Conference on Complement Therapeutics

  • When: 04/07/2020 - 09/07/2020

  • Where: Ioannina, Greece

  • Conference Center: Hotel Du Lac & Conference Center

  • The field of complement-targeted drug discovery has experienced a profound transformation during the past decade. With the first complement-specific drugs on the market, clinical experience is gained and novel  indications are being explored. At the same time, efforts in both academic and pharmaceutical research have produced new innovative therapeutic concepts and drug leads that interfere at different levels of the complement cascade; many of these candidates are currently undergoing clinical evaluation. Finally, genetic and molecular studies continue to reveal contributions of complement in both orphan and highly prevalent diseases. Apart from offering new hope for patients suffering from such diseases, the study of complement pathways, mutations, and deficiencies also teaches us important lessons about the role of complement in health and disease and allows us to refine our models and tools for applied and basic research. This conference aims to bring together academic and industry scientists and clinical development experts who are focused on contemporary and emerging aspects of complement-mediated disease pathogenesis and the development of therapeutics that modulate this system in a beneficial manner. Topics discussed during the conference include: Molecular mechanisms and targets in complement-related diseases; Novel inhibitors & pipeline compounds; Hematological disorders; Organ & cell transplantation, I/R injury and chronic rejection; Kidney diseases; Neurological & ocular diseases; Acute and chronic inflammatory disorders; Infectious diseases & sepsis; Cancer; Informative complement biomarkers in therapeutic development; Novel and unexpected indications

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